CSI grows mobile banking business with new customers

Source: Computer Services Inc

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI), a provider of end-to-end financial technology solutions, has signed its 100th mobile banking customer within six months after launching a new mobile banking platform.

In order to help banks deliver an integrated omnichannel experience, CSI recently launched the new solution as an essential component of its expanded digital banking platform. The enhanced mobile banking solution offers modern, easy-to-use functionality that includes such options as the ability to activate and deactivate debit cards, attach receipt images and notes to transactions, and add nicknames to cards stored in the app. Additionally, it provides an enriched user interface and full digital platform integration, allowing CSI customers to manage all their digital banking solutions from a single sign-on.

“As our customers increasingly adopt digital banking habits, we understand the importance of offering them relevant, responsive mobile tools that meet their high expectations,” said Michael Defend, president and CEO of Crossroads Bank in Effingham, Illinois. “The expanded mobile app from CSI not only allows us to deliver a powerful mobile experience, but also provide tighter integration across all our digital banking solutions.”

Through CSI’s mobile banking services, banks gain access to the latest digital tools, including Internet banking and online business banking for commercial clients, thereby moving their institution beyond traditional delivery channels. As part of CSI’s digital banking platform, the new mobile solution also integrates seamlessly with CSI’s core system, eliminating barriers and allowing users to access the most accurate account information across all channels.

“Mobile banking is a non-negotiable when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers,” Defend said. “CSI’s mobile banking solutions integrate smoothly with our core system and offer us the tools we need to retain and acquire customers by providing them with financial services at any time and any place.”

CSI’s mobile banking technology is part of the company’s strategy to deliver fully integrated solutions, including business intelligence and customer relationship management, so banks can create a true omnichannel experience.

“Given consumers’ shift to more mobile lifestyles, we are dedicated to evolving our digital banking solutions to help our customers compete for that business and market share,” said Steve Powless, chief executive officer of CSI. “Our ability to attract 100 mobile banking customers so quickly confirms our commitment to delivering relevant solutions and ensuring that our customers can improve customer loyalty and overall profitability.”

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