LendingRobot integrates with Lending Club

Source: LendingRobot

LendingRobot, the automated investment service for marketplace lending, announced today a partnership with Lending Club (LC), enabling users to sign up for a Lending Club account directly through the LendingRobot website.

A first of its kind partnership, leveraging Lending Club Open Integration, this new functionality turns LendingRobot into a one-stop, fully automated marketplace lending solution.

Prior to this integration, new LendingRobot investors were required first to visit a marketplace such as Lending Club to open and fund an account, then enable API access, sign up on LendingRobot, link their accounts, and then set their investing criteria. Starting today, new LendingRobot investors only need to visit www.lendingrobot.com, which will intelligently manage their portfolio right from the start. No need to juggle sites and no need to enable API and other complicated credential verification. The option to integrate with LendingRobot is open to individual investors only, with accounts up to $5 million.

“This first of its kind integration with the largest player in the game is a real vote of confidence,” said Emmanuel Marot, CEO and Co-Founder of LendingRobot. “Increasing ease of use and promoting more entrants into the marketplace lending universe is our core mission and works to everyone’s benefit. The simpler we make it for new investors to come online, the larger the marketplace lending industry will grow helping borrowers and lenders alike.”

Marketplace lending offers optimal performance when investors deploy their cash over hundreds or thousands of different loans. This diversification strategy reduces risk and helps to achieve returns that can surpass traditional fixed income investments. LendingRobot offers investors automated investing and transparent analytics. Additionally, LendingRobot is one of the few companies that automates trading on the Lending Club secondary market, achieving greater simplicity and liquidity for all users. The service is free up to $5,000 in managed assets and only 0.45% per year above that amount. 

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