Deutsche Bank expands liquidity management offering

Source: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has expanded its Global Cash Concentration (GCC) product capabilities to include full global USD and cross-regional EUR capabilities, automatically moving surplus end-of-day funds from location to location.

The bank’s GCC capabilities have been broadened to include cash concentration between Asia, the US and Europe – fully circumnavigating the globe. In the event of a deficit end-of-day balance at the source location, GCC provides the facility to recall funds from the target location to cover the deficit balances and reduce overdraft charges at the source location.

Clients are provided with the flexibility and the automation to consolidate their USD and EUR positions into the target location, reducing external dependencies on costly credit lines and maximizing the value of surplus balances.

Lisa Rossi, head of liquidity management, global transaction banking - cash management, says, "Both financial institutions and corporate clients are in need of an end-toend liquidity management solution. To accommodate this requirement, Deutsche Bank has enlarged its already extensive suite of liquidity management products to include USD/EUR Global Cash Concentration. This newly-expanded service provides a true global overlay in addition to strong intra-regional capabilities, regardless of the local time zone differences between source and target funding accounts."

Andrew England, head of product management, global transaction banking - cash management, says, "In this highly competitive marketplace, it is important to maintain a forward-looking view of client requirements. Deutsche Bank, the #1 euro clearer (RTGS+/TARGET and EBA) and the #4 USD clearer (CHIPS), has expanded its liquidity management offering in anticipation of the global needs of financial institutions and multinational corporates. We are committed to introducing innovative cash management solutions that best service our clients."

USD/EUR Global Cash Concentration offers the following features:

  • USD – Fully-automated global cash concentration capabilities
  • EUR – Spans Asia to Europe and Europe to Asia
  • Same Day Funds Availability – Funds are automatically available on a same-day basis, alleviating the traditional float associated with moving end-of-day balances
  • Cover Funding Provision – Funds are transferred to overseas locations to cover deficit balances, eliminating costly source account overdraft positions
  • Improved Cash Forecasting – Forecasting accuracy is improved by providing an updated position at the end of each day and automatically creating balance transfers

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