EG solutions launches back office risk and compliance tech

Source: eg solutions

Managers now have the ability to monitor tasks and process activity in the back office in real-time, enabling proactive interventions with the latest launch of eg solutions software suite.

As well as producing detailed post-activity reports with options for independent review, verification by a third party and for staff to check their own work, providing multiple check points, eg's software solution can mitigate operational risk and help evidence compliance.

Elizabeth Gooch, Acting Chief Executive of eg solutions stated: "The consequences of being unable to monitor or detect non-compliant activity within business activity at an individual or enterprise level have rarely been greater. For many in the financial services sector the ability to evidence compliance activity is vital, no more so than in the back office,"

"With increasingly complex and regulated back office operations, it is essential to be able to demonstrate that individuals undertaking specific activities are fully skilled and competent to do so. But the challenge many organisations face is how to effectively monitor real-time and historic activity to ensure that only the right people - the eyes - but also the right number of people are involved in completing specific activities and the end-to-end business processes."

eg's software enables dynamic capture of all relevant metrics and data for each item - and by any attribute such as product type, business channel or any variable demographic, as well as skill and capability attributes relating to the individuals performing the inter-stage or end-to-end process activities.

This rich functionality provides managers with an operational safeguard preventing erroneous work allocation or completion, ensuring work activity is only allocated and completed by individuals with appropriate competence and delegated authority.

Elizabeth added: "The eg operational intelligence software suite was the first purpose built back office workforce optimisation software product on the market. It was designed to solve real problems experienced by our customers and we have been constantly refining our sofoftware to incorporate both the developing requirements of our end users as well as the strategic needs of our customers,"

"There are dramatic shifts taking place in what was traditionally the 'back office'. This work is increasingly moving away from a centralised model to be performed closer to the customer. eg's software remains the only back office workforce optimisation software product that can handle this complexity 'out-of-the-box'. Our latest version helps managers identify process deficiencies or capability shortfalls enabling intelligence driven process engineering, training need analysis and people development. Critically it also helps mitigate breach and potential non-conformity risk and associated penalties and prescribed actions," she concluded. 

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