VeriFone unveils unattended payment devices

Source: VeriFone Systems

VeriFone Systems, Inc. (PAY), today introduced UX Solutions, its series of unattended payment devices that improve transaction security, speed and reliability for vending machines and other self-service environments, including parking meters, petroleum pumps and ticketing machines.

VeriFone's UX series of unattended payment devices enables merchants to meet growing consumer demand for self-service transactions by providing customizable payment systems that securely increase transaction volume and speed and accept payments from mobile wallets, EMV and mag-stripe cards. UX Solutions fulfills the latest security standards, including PCI PTS 3.1 and EMV Levels 1 and 2. Integrated LCD screens guide consumers through transactions and securely display payment amounts while providing merchants the ability to upsell through targeted messaging.

"Reports show that more than half of consumers are willing to shop at fully automated self-service stores and prefer self-checkout stations in order to avoid waiting in line," said Bill Nelson, executive vice president, Global Product Management and Services, VeriFone. "The UX series provides the flexible configuration of self-service systems that merchants need to meet this growing consumer demand, as well as added benefits of field-upgradeability, tamper resistance and multiple connectivity options that meet the broad range of unattended payment requirements."

Devices within the UX series are expected to be available in early 2014 and include the:

  • UX 100 PIN pad with integrated LCD screen
  • UX 110 PIN pad
  • UX 300 card insertion reader
  • UX 400 contactless/NFC acceptance unit

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