Virtual Piggy teams up with Payelp Global

Source: Virtual Piggy

Virtual Piggy (VPIG), an innovator in safe youth payments, today announced that it has partnered with Payelp Global, bringing its technology to their large network of merchants.

Payelp Global is a revolutionary e-commerce and business development platform, currently used by companies such as Valve, Riot Games, Skype, Apple iTunes, and PayPal. Their payment service processes over 446,000 transactions per minute and is available in over 74 countries on 300 different payment gateways. Virtual Piggy will integrate directly into the Payelp framework.

Virtual Piggy is the only COPPA-compliant payment technology designed to allow retailers and game publishers to reach under 18 consumers in a safe, legal and effective manner. The award-winning technology serves as a family wallet that is available online or via mobile, and is 100% free to use. Virtual Piggy promotes financial management while empowering youth under 18 to make purchasing, saving and other money management decisions for themselves, within a parental controlled environment.

"We're very delighted to partner with Virtual Piggy," said Albert Donahue, CEO at Payelp Global. "In my opinion, Virtual Piggy is the most effective way to monetize online games within the teen and tween market and generate increased engagement within that age group. More importantly, Virtual Piggy allows younger gamers to play and transact online in a safe and secure manner while keeping the parents in control."

"Payelp Global is an excellent partner that will drastically increase the global reach of our technology," said Dr. Jo Webber, CEO & Founder at Virtual Piggy. "As we continue our international expansion, we're very excited about the ease of integration we'll be able to offer within the 74 countries Payelp serves and continue keeping the younger gaming market safe as they play and transact online." 

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