Bats flies in lights out lock down

Source: Bats

BATS Global Markets (BATS), a leading operator of securities markets in the U.S. and Europe, today announced the successful and total operation of its U.S. businesses from its disaster recovery (DR) site yesterday as part of its Business Continuity Planning (BCP) process.

This critical BCP test marked the second time this year BATS has fully operated its U.S. businesses from its DR site, the first time being March 14th. As part of this BCP test, the company's global headquarters was disconnected from all outside network access for the entire day, mirroring what could happen in an actual disaster situation. All of BATS' Kansas City-area employees reported to the DR site and conducted their daily routines from the secure and remote location. The BATS offices in New York City and London continued normal operations.

"For the second time this year BATS was successful in taking our headquarters facility completely offline with no disruption in our service or performance for our customers, who were unaware any location change had taken place," said Joe Ratterman, chief executive officer of BATS Global Markets. "Business continuity planning and infrastructure redundancy are of the utmost priority at BATS and we will continue to test our plans regularly, often times in actual production conditions like we did yesterday, to ensure we are well-prepared to handle any unanticipated issues if or when they might arise in the future."

While yesterday marked the second time BATS' primary office was completely disconnected from outside network access, the company does test its DR site monthly. For one full day each month since 2008, the company's Operations, Technology, Regulatory and Surveillance teams have operated from the DR site, with the primary headquarters remaining online.

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