AAACU deploys MoneyDesktop's PFM platform

Source: MoneyDesktop

Alpena Alcona Area Credit Union (AAACU) announces that it has chosen MoneyDesktop's PFM (personal financial management) to provide a more engaging online banking experience to its members.

Through the PFM, AAACU's members will have access to a complete suite of online money management tools like account aggregation, which will enable members to manage all their finances within their It's Me 247 online banking account at AAACU. This will empower each member to have a complete financial picture and utilize meaningful money management tools like budgeting and debt management.

"We care deeply about our members and recognize that they expect online banking to deliver real tools that give them a complete financial picture. Gaining an understanding of one's financial picture will empower our members to make prudent financial decisions," says Donald J. Mills, President and CEO of AAACU. "MoneyDesktop's PFM will deliver this experience within our It's Me 247 online banking and put AAACU at the center of our member's financial world."

By implementing MoneyDesktop's PFM, AAACU will also be able to add powerful data analytics and cross-selling platforms. When combined, these will empower AAACU to stay ahead of the competition in a disruptive marketplace and better positioned to drive wallet share, loyalty, and top-line revenue.

"Today's economy is challenging. Not only for individuals but for Credit Unions as well," comments Matt West, VP of Financial Institution Sales at MoneyDesktop. "In the face of these challenges, AAACU is a Credit Union that understands how critical PFM is in meeting the expectations of members and how doing so will keep them ahead of the competition and poised to attract new members and grow loan volume."

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