Bartels-Langness Group introduces Wincor Nixdorf cash management system

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Maximum security standards and efficient processes in POS reconciliation and storage of cash holdings in automated teller safes: That's the goal behind the decision by Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG to introduce automated cash handling in the cash office.

"We want to optimize processes and thus reduce the time and effort involved in manual work, minimize errors in POS reconciliation and increase cash security," is how Günter Heppes, Head of IT at Bartels-Langness, summarizes the requirements.

The Bartels-Langness Group began testing Wincor Nixdorf's cash management solution in three famila self-service department stores in Northern Germany in May 2010. In the meantime, cutting-edge CINEO cash management technology automates cash handling in famila's cash offices. The solution offers an end-to-end closed system for replenishing and removing notes and coins: At the end of the shift, the takings are automatically counted in the cash office, verified and stored in an audit-proof manner in the CINEO systems' storage media. At the start of a shift, authorized famila employees are automatically provided with the precisely defined quantity of notes and coins to prepare the cash drawer.

CINEO cash management technology enables rapid till balancing, since the previously manual processes of counting and double-checking takings in cash drawers, as well as manual posting of the cash and preparation of the cash drawer, are now fully automated. The system also ensures maximum security and transparency for cash holdings: The risk of robberies with closed systems tends toward zero and manipulation is as good as ruled out.

Handling of verified cash in closed and secured cassettes means that discrepancies in reconciliation at the store and with cash-in-transit operators or cash centers are eliminated. Automation also relieves employees of unproductive work. "The advantages soon persuaded our employees and ensured high acceptance among them," says IT Head Günter Heppes. "But overall, our experience from the test phase also convinced us. The systems are dependable and our expectations regarding cash security and reliability in detecting counterfeits have been fulfilled."

A powerful coin recycling solution that can process an average of 1,200 coins per denomination and a note recycling solution in which bundles of up to 150 notes can be deposited are used. The various user groups, such as supervisors, checkout attendants, cash-in-transit operators and technicians, have to log on with their own operator number and PIN and every single transaction is logged. That also ensures more security and flexibility, since users can be assigned different functions and access rights by means of their individual operator number.

The cash offices at further famila stores were equipped with the solution in 2011. The Bartels-Langness Group, with more than 80 self-service department stores and a dense network of neighborhood supermarkets, is one of Germany's major food retailers and intends to equip more famila stores with cash management technology from Wincor Nixdorf. 

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