Trace Financial receives SwiftReady integration labels

Source: Trace Financial

Trace Financial announced today that the company has once again been awarded both SwiftReady integration labels: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) for Cloverleaf finance and Message Data Services (MDS) for Transformer.

Taken together these two integration labels encompass all of the capabilities needed for working with SWIFT and ISO Standards, as well as with other highly structured financial message formats.

Every year SWIFT updates and extends the validation criteria for the labels in line with customer needs and the evolution of messaging and technology standards in the financial market. This includes support for the full SWIFT message libraries for both ISO 15022 and ISO 20022, including not only their syntactical and semantic rules, but also market practice compliance and usage guidelines.

For the Message Data Services accreditation, Transformer - the company's advanced message transformation product - again successfully proved its capability to support the complex "MT-MX" mapping rules defined by SWIFT in support of standards co-existence. As required for this accreditation, Transformer is also fully deployable as a service for use by other applications. Complementing its SWIFT libraries, Transformer supports numerous other industry standards including FIX, FpML, CREST, TRAX, OMGEO, etc.

Filip Versluys, head of SWIFT Partner Management said: "Transformer continues to impress us at SWIFT. The product's ability to elegantly handle complex financial messaging scenarios is proof both of its power and of Trace's depth of understanding of the standards. Independent tests scored the product at 100% for Message Transformation indicating meticulous implementation of SWIFT rules. We are pleased to formally recognize and applaud these capabilities with the award of the Messaging Data Services and, similarly, the capabilities of Cloverleaf™finance, by awarding the EAI label."

John Murphy, M.D. of Trace Financial stated "Transformer is a unique technology that revolutionises the ability of an enterprise to cope with the ever increasing demands of complex financial message standards. It is the culmination of over twenty years continuous experience delivering messaging solutions and we have received tremendous feedback from our clients who continue to extend its usage in their organisations. The MDS award is further validation of Transformer's world-leading status." 

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