MediBank Zug implements SunGard private banking and CRM technology

Source: SunGard

MediBank Zug, a member of the Swiss Private Bankers Association providing investment advisory services and portfolio management to private clients, has implemented SunGard's Ambit Apsys Private Banking solution and SunGard's Ambit CRM to consolidate its core banking and CRM solutions.

The Ambit solutions help MediBank improve flexibility and efficiency and gain a single view of client relationships. SunGard worked with Services4Banks, an application service provider in Switzerland, to deploy these solutions in a hosted environment, reducing implementation time and ongoing maintenance cost and efforts.

MediBank's corporate strategy centers on establishing a unique, attentive and personal approach to investing with each client. The bank sought to improve the quality of its client-centric investment advice while maintaining the privacy and discretion valued by their clients, by consolidating data and the number of systems necessary to run its business processes. MediBank selected SunGard's integrated Ambit Apsys Private Banking and Ambit CRM solutions to help it centralize data, improve straight-through processing and protect confidential client information. By implementing a single system to gain a holistic view of its clients, MediBank is able to better focus on its core competencies in client profiling, investment strategies and client service.

"SunGard's Ambit Apsys Private Banking and Ambit CRM solutions help us by providing a 360 degree, holistic view of our clients and their immediate investment needs," said Christine Ehrat, director, MediBank Zug. "Consolidating our data will help us to improve our client profiling, and the solution's integrated Portfolio Management System will help us implement and monitor an investment strategy for each client and improve our decision making against that strategy."

Daniel Bardini, president, Ambit Private Banking for SunGard, said, "SunGard's Ambit Apsys Private Banking solution helps provide MediBank with the ability to reduce the complexity of their operational processes and the time necessary to manage them. In turn, this will help the bank improve client centricity and meet client needs."

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