HSBC France partners with Sterci for corporate Swift connectivity

Source: Sterci

Thanks to the Sterci service bureau proposed by HSBC France, corporate customers may have a simplified access to Swift through a single relationship.

Corporations are seeking to improve their liquidity management and cost efficiency by centralising treasury operations and implementing payment factories and shared service centers. Financial institutions and Swift are working with corporates to improve their service offering in the Corporate-to-Bank space. Adoption of Swift for Corporates is on the rise as corporates seek a single, secure and standardized window to communicate with all of their financial institutions. In Europe the migration to Sepa XML standard and the end of life of the ETEBAC protocol in France are also key drivers to accelerate Swift adoption.
The HSBC France-Sterci partnership allows corporate customers to benefit from simple and efficient SWIFT access through a single contract: HSBC. As a Swift member concentrator, HSBC is proposing a packaged solution including the Swift services as well as the connectivity infrastructure and the helpdesk. The solution is based on the Sterci service bureau including the full access to SwiftNet : FIN, RMA, FileAct, InterAct, Accord and with some value added options such as format translation to Sepa, web user interface for message entry, reconciliation, anti-money-laundering filter. This solution can be easily connected to internal applications (i.e. ERP, TMS) and can fit with all type of organisation centralised or decentralised.

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