Net2S and Varonis ink reseller deal

Source: Net2S

Net2S, the leading Capital Markets consultancy, is announcing a reseller partnership with Varonis, provider of comprehensive data governance software that serves to protect unstructured data stored by corporations.

NET2S is a business, management and technology consultancy specialising in Electronic Trading, Risk, Data Management and IT Security. With over a decade of experience in capital markets, NET2S has invaluable experience with real-time, business critical technologies that are relied upon to channel revenue generation and cost optimization.

In enterprise environments, the vast majority of new data being created takes an unstructured form as the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images and multi-media files that now drive business. This data is not only voluminous but doubles in size annually according to leading analyst firms.

Regulatory mandates and the extremely high costs associated with data misuse and loss, means that companies have unstructured data protection as a top priority.

By partnering with Varonis, NET2S can provide customers with a comprehensive solution for controlling, protecting and auditing unstructured data use.

Varonis automates permissions revocations and data use auditing freeing IT operations to concentrate on other duties. This means that the ineffective and highly manual processes organizations use to do this today can be dispensed with and the associated costs recouped.

"We understand the importance of our customer's data, and understand that good information risk management is a technology-supported business process" states Hans Haverhals, Director of Information Security Practice at NET2S.

"Varonis developed a product that gives employees access only to the data they need to do their jobs. Having control over your data gives you situational awareness to identify who has access to what data, where, and how, providing actionable intelligence to identify and remediate broken business processes."

"We are very pleased to have NET2S as a resale partner of our solutions for comprehensive unstructured data governance," said Jim O'Boyle, Vice President of Sales for Varonis. "Their expertise in the data protection needs of the financial services industry means that our customers in that sector get outstanding care and expediency in the deployment of our technology to control and audit client and business data use."

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