Progress releases new version of Apama CEP system

Source: Progress Software

Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS), a global supplier of application infrastructure software used to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications today announced the availability of Progress Apama 4.0, a major new release of the industry-leading Apama complex event processing (CEP) platform.

Apama 4.0 reduces end-to-end latency of CEP applications five-fold with the introduction of an enhanced communications infrastructure.

The Apama platform is the industry's leading CEP environment, supporting applications that monitor rapidly moving event streams, detecting patterns and initiating action - now with sub-millisecond latency. The Apama CEP technology offers business users a new dimension of real-time analytics, pattern and opportunity recognition, and event management.

Apama 4.0 includes Apama Studio, a powerful integrated development environment, which further extends rapid application development. New features include inline demonstrations and samples, which bring the broad range of sophisticated Apama CEP features more readily accessible to novice-users, developers, and power-users.

Apama Studio introduces the concept of an integrated "project" that combines all the elements that make up a comprehensive CEP platform. The Apama platform includes discrete development tools for building the business logic of CEP applications, graphical monitoring dashboards, and connectivity adapters to event data sources. With Apama 4.0, these components are combined into a single interface for deployment within Apama projects. These projects can also incorporate custom coding and third party plug-ins that extend the functionality within Apama applications.

To help users become productive quickly, Apama 4.0 bundles sample applications and tutorials that assist developers in exploring the different features that the Apama product offers. Developers can investigate Apama 4.0 "by example" through fully featured, modifiable applications that are bundled with the release. The 4.0 release includes sample applications for financial trading, process monitoring, casino game tracking, and revenue assurance for telecommunications. As an alternative mode of learning, developers can build new applications from scratch by following guided tutorials that introduce the basics of Apama as a CEP platform.

Dr. John Bates, founder and general manager of the Apama division of Progress Software, said: "Apama 4.0 offers the market's most complete set of features for building CEP applications. With this release, we have integrated the breadth of the Apama tools - for authoring, integration and building dashboards for CEP applications - into a single environment to help developers fully exploit the full breadth of the Apama platform capabilities. Together with its performance enhancements, this Apama release represents a major advance in combining the speed of CEP development with the speed of CEP execution."

The Apama platform is recognized as the leading CEP product with the largest client base in Capital Markets comprising top sell-side firms, buy-side firms, hedge funds and regulators, including companies such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and FSA (Financial Services Authority) of the U.K. Outside capital markets, the Apama platform is used in industries such as retail (e.g. Boekhandels Groep Nederland - BGN - who introduced the world's first item-level RFID implementation) and manufacturing (e.g. Manuvis with their application that delivers real-time visibility into manufacturing ERP systems).

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