BT launches MarketPulse

Source: BT

BT today announced it has launched MarketPulse, a new service that delivers voice over IP to the trading room using the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure.

Based on the open Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), BT MarketPulse enables customers to integrate data, voice, and other multi-media applications through a single, highly reliable connection. The service allows customers to consolidate the many point-to-point connections that have been traditionally used to deliver voice services to the trading room BT MarketPulse is compatible with all turret platforms used in the market today.

Other major benefits of the BT MarketPulse service include:
  • Real-time self-provisioning of new clients or trading positions via a directory-driven customer portal.
  • Ability to immediately route sessions to alternative locations in the event of a business affecting incident.
  • Ability to support a hybrid TDM-IP environment, easing the upgrade to IP.
  • Ability to support unified communications technologies and applications.

    Phil Mottram, Managing Director, Radianz and Trading Systems at BT, said: "The market has been slow to take up VoIP services for the trading room due to concerns with its quality, reliability and security. This innovative service takes VoIP to a new level by offering the flexibility of BT's SIP capability together with the reliability of the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure."

    According to Sang Lee, Managing Partner at Aite Group, "Although VoIP in the trading room has been around for several years now, not all financial institutions have made the leap to IP for various reasons. Combining the strength of IP in the trading room with a robust network backbone can potentially change the market's perception of VoIP and truly increase its adoption."

    For more information regarding BT MarketPulse, please visit BT at the SIFMA Technology Conference, booth #1509.
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