Fair Isaac upgrades Triad

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the release and immediate availability of Triad adaptive control system version 8.3.

With the TRIAD system 8.3, credit grantors now have access to improved flexibility and processing capabilities that accelerate the development and implementation of profitable decisions in account and customer management, at both the enterprise and portfolio levels.

With more than 300 portfolio users in over 30 countries, Fair Isaac's TRIAD system continues to be the most popular solution for account and customer decision management worldwide. The system applies predictive analytics, decision-making software and expert strategy consulting to automate and improve credit and customer management decisions for lenders in the financial services, retail and telecommunications industries.

"This latest upgrade of TRIAD 8.3 is the culmination of our effort to combine the best features of account-level management TRIAD and customer-level TRIAD into a single platform," said David Lightfoot, vice president of Product Management at Fair Isaac. "With TRIAD 8.3, we are building on that highly successful platform by introducing advanced features that answer our clients' needs for agility, speed and intelligence. Clients will experience a very fast return on investment with TRIAD, and can surpass the remarkable results they've already achieved with the system."

Sixty-five percent of bankcards globally are processed on a Fair Isaac adaptive control system. The TRIAD system-based services also are offered through the world's largest credit card processing firms. Companies using the TRIAD system have typically experienced: 20 to 30 percent increase in sales; 15 to 25 percent reduction in bad debt; 20 to 25 percent reduction in recovery resources; and a 15 to 25 percent increase in interest income.

New features in the TRIAD adaptive control system version 8.3 include:
  • More flexible processing to allow key treatment areas to be executed in any order within a particular call to the TRIAD system. This allows the system to generate additional information that can be used to further enhance decisions, and provides users with increased flexibility in how they use the TRIAD system.
  • Enhanced non-authorization processing to provide additional flexibility beyond the traditional Approve or Decline functionality. Clients can perform other tasks besides authorizations, such as real-time credit limit changes and cross-selling, resulting in refined decisions and expanded decision-making power.
  • An enhanced TRIAD Analytic Datamart (TAD), a data repository which enables credit grantors to store and analyze predictive and performance data locally in a PC-server environment to streamline the analytic process. The updated TAD significantly improves the export and import of data to provide for strategy and/or model optimization.
  • The ability to support externally calculated scores using Blaze Advisor business rules management system. This enhancement enables the TRIAD system to produce performance reports for externally calculated scores, such as TRIAD Transaction Scores.
  • Improved performance in processing speed which is particularly important to clients with large portfolios and multiple products.
  • Migration utilities that significantly decrease the cost and time for clients to migrate from the TRIAD system 7 to the TRIAD system 8.3.

Version 8.3 can be easily configured to meet clients' needs for enterprise-wide decision management across multiple product lines and channels, or for portfolio-level management of single product lines. Using TRIAD system 8.3, credit grantors can now manage both the account level and customer level using a single system, thus eliminating the need to handle those accounts separately. In addition, lenders can take advantage of customer-level data to better manage at the account level, even if they are not managing at the customer level.

Since the introduction of TRIAD system 8.0 in 2004, this family of products has been rapidly adopted by the industry, with 45 upgrades and new installations across 20 countries on six continents.

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