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Accelar launches impact hub to drive nature-positive project investment

Accelar launches impact hub to drive nature-positive project investment

Accelar has today launched a Nature Finance Impact Hub, which seeks to drive market confidence in nature-positive projects, by isolating their financial and environmental benefits.

A strategy and sustainability consultancy, Accelar’s core business aim is to help accelerate the clean growth transition by providing advisory and solutions around green finance, natural capital, decarbonisation, climate resilience, and the circular economy.

The consultancy’s new hub will address the shortage of comparable data around the performance of nature-positive projects, by facilitating access to benchmarks and data from existing projects - leveraging comparable financial and environmental metrics.

“The Impact Hub quantifies how innovative, nature-positive projects can deliver return on investment alongside significant benefits for biodiversity, decarbonisation, water management and eco-tourism,” comments Accelar’s co-founder, Chris Fry. “We hope that this will contribute to a snowball effect, encouraging investment in nature to expand rapidly in the future.”

Recent reports have revealed the investment gap to secure key nature-related outcomes in the UK and globally. The Finance Gap for UK Nature report, for instance, estimates that between £44 billion and £97 billion private investment will be required - in addition to public sector funding - over the next 10 years for the UK to meet its net zero goals.

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