MiiCard opens API to ID-as-a-Service platform

Source: miiCard

Online identity verification company miiCard today unveiled its global trusted Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform through an open API (Application Programming Interface) and developer kit for companies that need to verify the identity of their customers or users online.

miiCard's IDaaS can prove a user's identity to the level of a photo ID completely online and in just minutes, enabling businesses to offer a wider range of products and services than previously available. miiCard launched its Level of Assurance 3 (LOA3) identity verification service out of beta to consumers in early 2012, and the unveiling of its IDaaS platform marks the official launch of its partner program.

"miiCard's user-centric identity verification system can enhance the level of trust online between companies and their customers," said Kosta Peric, Head of Innovation and Co-Founder of Innotribe at SWIFT. "In fact, miiCard was the runner up in this year's EMEA region for the Innotribe Startup Challenge because of the potential their digital ID solution creates for online financial service providers and customers. By opening up their API, miiCard is helping to extend a foundation of trust even further online -- enabling the global community to interact and transact in confidence."

miiCard's online identity verification service allows consumers to track, monitor and take control of their identity online. Using the authority and security inherent in a user's online financial accounts to validate identity, miiCard can immediately verify approximately 300 million users across nine countries and five continents today.

"miiCard's progressive, user-centric verification technology is an important Verification Partner for the Respect Network," said Drummond Reed, Managing Director of Respect Network. "miiCard's initiative allows companies to quickly integrate and deploy a strong verification technology that already supports a large number of users around the world."

miiCard's LOA3 identity verification technology allows financial service companies, ecommerce sites and more to offer complete online applications and sign-ups for products and services that have historically required offline identity checks. For businesses, miiCard meets all Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance standards.

"With the launch of our global IDaaS platform, miiCard is deploying the engine that we believe will drive trust on the Internet," said miiCard CEO James Varga. "We are now making it easy for any company to seamlessly integrate a LOA3 identity verification technology to enhance the security of and reduce fraud across their business." 

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