Oracle hails Flexcube-Exadata V2 benchmarking results

Source: Oracle

Oracle today announced that the Oracle Flexcube Universal Banking System running on Oracle Exadata V2 - The First Database Machine for OLTP -- achieved outstanding benchmark results.

This benchmark demonstrates Oracle's unmatched ability to engineer applications, middleware, database, operating systems, servers and storage to deliver industry leading performance and value to meet the rigorous processing needs of the world's largest financial institutions.

Benchmark Results

The benchmark tested the system against account volumes found amongst the world's largest retail banks.

Oracle FLEXCUBE running on Oracle Exadata V2 achieved outstanding results -- successfully processing 100 million accounts. This benchmark was designed to model month-end processing, which sees some of the heaviest workloads in a bank. The benchmark was completed in 4 hours and 23 minutes.

Compared to previous benchmarks in this category, the results running on Oracle Exadata V2 are 3 - 5 times faster.

Many banks running such high volumes today run on legacy distributed environments. The integration of Oracle FLEXCUBE running on Oracle Exadata V2 offers banks the ability to progressively transform their operations on a modern business infrastructure, capable of meeting their long-term business needs.

This benchmark utilized a full rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine, in place of a "conventional' configuration of at least 4 - 5 cabinets of server and disparate storage racks to deliver similar performance, which can translate to significant cost reductions for the datacenter in terms of infrastructure management, power utilization and space.

Oracle Exadata V2, which is designed for extreme performance, enables financial institutions to meet rapidly growing data processing demands by delivering up to 50 gigabytes/second of raw I/O bandwidth.

With Oracle FLEXCUBE and Oracle Exadata V2, financial institutions can scale seamlessly to meet escalating transactional volume requirements. A building block methodology with complete, built-in redundancy enables the Oracle Exadata Database Machine to quickly and easd easily scale to virtually any size.

"Our customers require a partner that can deliver fully integrated, best-of-breed hardware, applications and technology that address their rigorous business requirements. This benchmark reflects Oracle's continued ability to developing the most innovative, industry-leading solutions -- helping drive growth, value and profitability for financial institutions worldwide. The integration of our industry leading banking software (FLEXCUBE) with the First Database Machine for OLTP (Exadata V2) is a clear differentiator," said Frank Brienzi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Financial Services Global Business Unit at Oracle.

"The benchmark of Oracle FLEXCUBE on Oracle Exadata V2 demonstrates the power of our combined solutions to scale to meet even the most demanding transactional environments in the financial services industry," said Kapil Gupta, Senior Vice President, Banking Products Division, Oracle Financial Services. "The results illustrate Oracle's differentiation to our customers and our ability to provide our customers with the agility needed to meet their business challenges and pursue new opportunities."

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