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The untapped win-win in self-service banking

20 April 2016  |  8590 views  |  1 Source: Accenture finger and screen

While many banks are underwhelmed by their returns from implementation of self-service banking, Accenture explains how a small group of top banks are adopting a winning strategy.

Bank executives are wondering where the pay-off is. They’ve invested a lot in self-service technologies. But the cost savings and customer enthusiasm that self-service solutions were supposed to deliver haven’t materialised. Unfortunately, for many banks, those benefits never will.

A small group of banking leaders, however, is enjoying a different experience. Like their peers, they are investing in self-service technologies. Unlike their peers, they are achieving their cost-savings goals and strengthening relationships with customers. The difference? Their strategies are built around customer value. And their tactics are focused on customer adoption. » Download the document now 637 kb (PDF File)

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 06 May, 2016, 11:02

Good article - only just got to it.

Yes its all about the customer and that sounds simple, but is always what lets the service down. Its got to be easy and imrpove the way taht they currently interact.

For example, why cant you negotiate an arrears repayment plan by a digital channel? You apply and self serve on-line but if your circustances have changed then you need to talk to an agent..wrong! People dont like talking to collection agents or been called at inconvenient times. But they dont mind receiving emails/texts and making arrangements discreetly. Nostrum Group have built this out and its a an absolute revelation for lenders we talk to.

Commercially too, it saves +40% of live agents costs on early stage deliquency, improves customer engagement so ticks all the boxes. 

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