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EBA-the real game changer is harmonisation of Reg reporting

In a speech on the new role of the European Banking Authority (EBA) in the banking union the chairperson of the EBA emphasised that the real game changer is the new EBA Technical Standard on supervisory reporting approved in July.  The
standard will deliver a comprehensive set of supervisory data, which will enable the EBA to compare all EU institutions, within and outside the euro area.

He stressed that the harmonisation of reporting is not only a tool for supervisors.  When the new system for regulatory reporting is in place, the EBA will develop
guidelines ensuring that a minimum set of key information, prepared according
to common definitions, are regularly disclosed to market participants, so as to
put them in a better position to understand the risk calculations performed by
banks and the differences in results.  This progress would be accompanied
by greater harmonisation of Pillar 3 disclosures, as recommended also by the
Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (EDTF) established under the aegis of the
Financial Stability Board (FSB).

The timing of the speech aligned with the publication of the EBA's work programme for 2014 which summarises the main objectives and deliverables of the EBA for 2014 including:

  • Regulatory policy area - developing the single rulebook with emphasis on CRD IV legislative framework. In 2014, particular emphasis will be given to credit and market risk, the prudential areas of liquidity and leverage, as well as recovery and resolution;
  • Oversight identifying, analysing and addressing key risks in the EU banking sector (including analysing the consistency of outcomes in risk weighted assets, the sustainability of banks’ business models and reviews of banks’ asset quality), and monitoring capital levels and capital plans with a view to
    promoting supervisory convergence towards the new standards; and
  • Consumer protection

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