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Today I died

Yes, sadly I died at 4.20pm today! This was the only solution to enable BT to merge my phone line (in my name) with my broadband account (in my wife’s name)  in order to take up the offer of a joint phone and broadband infinity package, which the BT salesman convinced us to buy a few weeks back and seemed like a good idea at the time.

The sales call originally to offer an upgrade to BT Infinity, was somewhat confusing, as a similar cold call some months previously, resulted in the sales rep, upon checking the final details, having to apologise saying BT Infinity was not going to be available until after Christmas. This it appeared was an error, which now explains the subsequent stream of letters which flooded through the letterbox, offering the switch, which we stuck in the bin, as we though the offer null and void.

But a more recent call resulted not only in confirmation that BT Infinity was in fact available but when questioned BT like other Telecom Companies could offer a joint phone and broadband package, which would result in a small saving. It was noted at the time, there were different names for billing purposes but was not deemed to be a problem. However, it appears that someone didn’t let one of the BT administration departments in on this (I guess they were in India based on the conversation) and the need to transfer two accounts into one was deemed far too complex to handle. Indeed at several points several BT people said they could not offer the promised package because of the two different billing names, even though it was for the same address and the same users. In some depatrments of BT the ability to transfer/amend or merge accounts is not a possibility.  Various suggestions ensued, cancel the broadband line, incur a cost and be without broadband for a while, then apply for BT Infinity in the same name as the phone bill. Obviously, not an ideal solution!

Finally my wife, asked what would happen if I was dead, clearly the sales rep did not understand (a classic case of having a call centre rep, where English is not their first language) and was immediately put through to the bereavement section, who speedily transferred the account into my wife’s name and offered my wife condolences on her loss. Now both accounts are in one name, just remains for my wife to get back in touch to finalise the package, after a suitable period or mourning of course.

So sadly folks I had to die. However, to all my friends and no doubt a few enemies out there my demise is not real and I am still alive and kicking. That is until we have another conversation with BT, when suicide looks a good idea to move things on.   


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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 03 October, 2011, 22:18Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

too funny.  I can picture all stages of this process. Especially the very polite but misunderstanding CSR folk.

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