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Sibos Day 1

As always at Sibos, you meet those people that either you haven’t had chance to make appointments with but could have, and those people you know from the other side of the world and couldn’t have met since the last Sibos.  It’s catch-up time, for the first half day at least.

Are the topics new on the conference programme?  Well no, not really.  We’re here for a fantastic industry event, and being together is more important than whatever is on the agenda.  We discuss how the securities market will change over the next half-dozen years – the results show that we are all a bit out of touch with the market, because our predictions of the future don’t even reflect how far the market has already changed.

Maybe we are living in a back-office world that is distanced from the harsh realities of the front-office, competitive trading environment.

As always, the parties are great – the vendors get together and drink a Boston bar dry of Sam Adams beer, and the users meet up at the Omgeo party where you can actually do some business.

And before you know it, it’s well into tomorrow, with only three full days to go to achieve what you set off to do here in the first place.


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