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EMXCo An STP Story

As news from the markets veer from bad to worse and each day brings more doom and gloom its worth noting one of the big success story's of the last few years. EMXCo were set up in the 20th century to bring some efficiency into investment funds and other collective products that were still operating like it was the 19th century.

The basic original concept was to bring a kind of CREST type solution eliminating manual processes and creating an electronic connection between the wholesale and retail markets for investment funds.  Trying to get firms in financial services to invest in this change was not easy, as for many brokers the volume of deals was not high and for the issuers it was a high cost operationally but a very spasmodic  activity and to be frank this market was virtually dead. What a difference a decade makes!

EMXCo stuck to their guns and through a mixture of dogged determination to succeed and using some very clever thinking, to produce their version of FIX messages, this business is now flourishing. The recent quarterly report from their leader Max Wright shows that EMXCo messages are the fastest growing in Europe and they are taking on new brokers and issuers on a continuous basis.

The outstanding success of EMXCo has to be one of the most heart warming projects of the last twenty years and a credit to Max and his team. It must also be acknowledged that for the first few years the original investors were tested in their patience and the depth of their pockets. This has now proved an extremely worthwhile investment for the industry and a debt of gratitude is due to them.

EMXCo is now part of the Euroclear group and are continuing to build their success story and in these times, well it's just so nice to see.  


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