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Raj Chaudhary

Financial Service Consultant at Infosys
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Bio I am FinTech enthusiast and a market explorer. My work demands assimilating, recording and publishing the latest about Financial Services and FinTech industry in terms of market trends, traction and disruptions etc. Financial Services and FinTech Industry Intelligence. Relevant Experience in Blockchain Industry Intelligence, InsurTech, Cryptocurrency, RegTech, Capital Markets, Banking, Green Financing, etc. Career History I have worked with Atos previously and prior to that I was working with TCS as an Analyst. At Atos, I was mapping FinTechs to the Atos' Financial Services industry solution portfolio. Also, supported the development of turnkey deliverables with elements of Due Diligence, Market Analysis, Data Interpretation, and Story-Boarding for Atos to develop and serve Clients, relations/ partnerships with various FinTechs. Effective interaction with Sales teams, Customer Strategy team members, Company executives, and other stakeholders Market Evaluation and Intelligence on FinTech (Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Chatbots, AI, Digital Payments etc.) , InsurTech and RegTech industry. I also managed FinTech Website Content Management and Exclusive FinTech Newsletter (Content Creation & Publishing). In TCS, I was responsible for managing various consulting and business analysis projects for the existing and prospective clients from FS.



Neo Banks: Innovation and Trends shaping its future

29 Sep 2022

Introduction Neo banks are app based fintech firms which are customer experience-driven with focus on providing superior customer support and appropriate solutions. Neo banks came into picture to enhance the quality of traditional banking and to provide much needed improvement in customer expectations. Every innovation, trends, opportunity in neo ...



FinTechs as Digital Gateway

21 Sep 2022

Introduction Financial Technology has revolutionized the financial services industry. FinTech has always proven to be the step towards getting more out of current technology. Financial Institutions and FinTech have mend ways and have been complementing each other in various fields. However, there are still areas where FinTech needs an API/digital ...


Banks and Fintech

07 Jun 2018

Introduction 25 years back, Mr. Bill Gates dismissed banks as "Dinosaurs”. Mr. Gates could see the future as it holds true to the current scenario. Its 2018. But has banks became oblivion? I believe they are not. They are still present and will be in the market for longer than expected. As long as banks dominate lending, investing and deposit...


Regtech. Yes! It exists.

30 Oct 2017

Fintech has been a talk in town since long now. Regtech, on the other hand is still being discussed a fad or future. It’s time. Regtech, slowly but steadily is becoming the BUZZWORD in regulatory compliance. Regtech was received well sometimes with open hands and sometimes seen with uncertainty. Here we discuss Regtech, its evolution and landscape...