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Innovation in Financial Services

CBDC - the waking giant

13 Jun 2021

Just about a decade ago, banks worried about fintechs taking away 'some' of their businesses. Some years ago, banks worried about cryptocurrencies taking away 'more' of their businesses. Today banks need to worry if central banks would take away 'most' of their businesses. Welcome to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) - the dragon Dracarys of ...

Online Banking

Ease of making payments vs speed of making payments

24 Sep 2017

I was 30 miles away from Bangalore City, in a quite village, ordering for red-bricks from a nearby brick factory over phone. I was extremely pleased to hear the manger say that he will accept account transfer, and passed on his bank code and account number. An hour later the truck arrived and as the unloading of bricks commenced, I got on to my pho...


Innovation in Financial Services

An 'instant-in-essence' electronic debit instrument

16 Apr 2017

The ‘faster is better’ fad will never fade. When in the late nineties faster films of ISO 200 and above came about abundantly in the photography market, consumers simply stopped buying slower films without even realizing if they really needed fast films. Slower films were cheaper and had high image quality, yet were considered sub-standard in the ...


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