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Bio In her current role as EVP at Banked, Maya is driving growth and spearheading the adoption of Pay by Bank with banks and technology platforms. Career History Maya started her career in law but thrived in the strategic and commercial side of deal making and, following graduating from law school, switched to finance with a focus on asset management, working in banks (SMBC, RBS) and funds (AWAS, DAE Capital) in New York, London and Dublin. Relishing a challenge and seeking innovation, she moved out of the world of traditional finance, and launched her own business in the consumer on demand space, partnering with large brands such as Spotify, Just Eat, Uber, PayPal amongst others. Learning more about how technology, payments and consumer demands interact - she leapt into the world of Fintech taking on commercial lead roles at Luno, N26 and ClearBank.



Surcharges Increase at a Rapid Rate in Australia: The Case for Pay by Bank

04 Apr 2024

Credit and debit cards have largely replaced cash in Australia, providing customers with increased convenience and introducing purchase protections. However, card networks charge a fee for each and every transaction, normally between 0.5% and 2% (RBA). This is a problem for Australian retailers and businesses the world over as they navigate tight ...