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James Tomaney

Chief Operating Officer at Renovite Technologies Inc
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Bio COO for an innovative software company building payments solutions for the 21st century Career History Q-ATM Ltd 2010-1017 FSS Technologies (interim) 2010-1012 Barclays Bank 2009-2010 Wincor Nixdorf 2006 - 2009 Level Four Software 2005 - 2006 ACI Worldwide 1997 - 2005


Banking Architecture

Low Code Techniques And Open APIs Can Unlock Payments Processing

14 Jan 2021

This week, I read an interesting paper from Newgen Software about the application of “low-code thinking” to their business process automation domain. The paper highlighted the critical need for speed in a modern enterprise in order to respond to strategic and competitive threats. It suggests that the speed with which an organisation gets from a st...

The Payments Business

Payment Solution Architectures For The Post-Pandemic World

07 Jan 2021

The surge in electronic transaction volumes in 2020 was driven by the switch to contactless card payments and the increase in e-commerce, triggered by the behavioural changes of consumers faced with the COVID19 landscape. Sudden, unpredicted increases in transaction volumes frequently cause problems in the payments infrastructure. The perceived ...

Banking Architecture

Reliability, Scalability and Availability - The Architectural Pillars Of Payments Solutions

14 Dec 2020

"In 2008 the hubris of the financial sector that we serve finally caught up with itself. Mountains of consumer debt that had been packaged, re-sold and deferred turned out to be unserviceable and the whole edifice came tumbling down." I wrote this in a blog sometime ago - it is still true! Now commentators are wondering whether the cyc...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Today’s Payments Solutions Market: A Personal Perspective

07 Dec 2020

The payments industry is experiencing significant disruption because of rapid technological change, increasingly diverse consumer demands, and new entrants all competing for the consumer’s loyalties. Payments organisations are generally responding to this competitive landscape through one of two investment strategies: To remain locked in an expen...

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