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Richard Carter

Richard Carter

Managing Director at Equiniti Credit Services
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Bio Managing Director of Equiniti Credit Services, a provider of innovative and disruptive automated loan management software and servicing to banks, retail brands and finance providers in the UK. Career History My entire career has been spent working in technology in financial services, specifically in the lending industry.


Innovation in Financial Services

2018 Looms Large. What Does The Future Hold for Lenders?

30 Nov 2017

A New Game Awaits Digital fluency and a thirst for convenience are making the UK’s borrowers more capricious and cost-sensitive than ever. Interest rate rises, and new regulations will add fuel to this fire next year, and lenders that can’t keep up will get burned. 1) Lowest price wins In the digitised age of credit price comparison sites,

Innovation in Financial Services

Why are we more interested in how many steps we take rather than our credit score?

24 Oct 2016

We live in a world where an ever growing amount of us have Fitbits, Jawbones and other tracking devices that are increasingly measuring and comparing our physical performance. We know how many steps we take, how many calories we’ve consumed (and expended), what our sleep patterns have been and, of course, how much we weigh. This rise of the quan


Innovation in Financial Services

The winner from PSD2 will be the consumer, but what about banks and lenders?

04 Sep 2016

The recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report on the state of the UK banking market had a number of things to say about future direction, though perhaps the most important was the endorsement of open APIs and, in particular re-enforcing the commitment to Payments Services Directive 2, or PSD2, to use the common abbreviation. But what



Exploring consumer attitudes to digital finance

20 Dec 2015

Recent research has revealed that consumers increasingly value personalisation, honesty and integrity ahead of speed and monthly cost when choosing a loan provider. There were some interesting themes emerging from Nostrum’s third annual report into consumer attitudes to digital finance, which was released this month and is titled ‘Personalisation ...