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CEO at Roadzen
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Bio I am the CEO and co-founder of Roadzen, an insurtech company founded in 2015 to transform global insurance for mobility. I use my background in machine learning and product management to help simplify the auto insurance experience. At Roadzen, we marry technologies such as telematics and computer vision to build products that give our partners dynamic underwriting (connected, usage-based, asset-based), embedded distribution capabilities and instant claims processing. At the heart of our mission is to bring road safety, transparency and seamless experience to the millions of customers who use our products. Roadzen has partnered with some of the world's leading insurers, reinsurers, carmakers and fleets to bring our vision to life.



How Telematics Will Shape the Future of Auto Insurance

27 Feb 2024

The landscape of auto insurance is undergoing a seismic shift, moving away from traditional models anchored in demographic generalities of age, location, and historical data, to one that adopts a precision approach in assessing risk and builds behavioral change among drivers. The last decade has witnessed a steep rise in auto insurance costs, with...