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FinTechs must spend investor funds wisely and choose the right strategic approach for growth

24 Mar 2021

Investment in FinTechs is at record levels and they must scale in an ever complex and competitive marketplace Investment in FinTech businesses has been reaching new heights on a consistent basis for some time now. Last week Stripe received a further $600m in funding and the company is now valued at $95Bn. This marquee headline overshadows a plethor...



Mastercard’s interchange increase will be welcome news for UK issuers, particularly FinTechs

27 Jan 2021

Interchange is a relatively niche area in card payments. Understanding of the topic amongst the general public is minimal, and rightfully so. Surprisingly, misunderstanding of interchange is also commonplace in the payments industry. This general lack of understanding on interchange can partly explain the media’s negative reporting on the news t...


FinTechs will remain confused about which FinTechs to use, until they understand this...

04 Nov 2020

Much of the discussion on the FinTech phenomenon in recent years has referred to FinTechs coming to market with differentiated products and innovative business models to challenge incumbents. Excitement about the growth potential of these companies has led to some confusion, especially on the issuer side of things. There is a common conflation betw...



Incumbent banks setting up their own challenger banks must do better than Bo

29 Jun 2020

RBS’s recent announcement that it will close its ‘green-field’ challenger bank Bó did not surprise many in the FinTech industry. The writing had been on the wall for some time. The digital-only bank may have been troubled with leadership changes and forced to reissue cards in early 2020, but the main problem that caused its downfall was the lack o...