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Alessio Balduini

CEO at Crif Business Solutions
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Bio As CEO of CRIF Business Solutions, Alessio leads the team's development of innovative products and services, enabled by open banking and real time credit scoring, to help SMEs better manage their finances, including access to funding. Career History A CEO with global and regional experience, Alessio has led teams at Moody's, S&P and CRIF that have delivered solutions to risk management challenges, helping financial institutions improve their decisioning processes. He has a unique understanding of the evolving risk management sector and considerable experience of creating successful products enabled by new technologies such as open banking.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Open banking: Enabling SMEs to drive recovery in a post-Covid economy

14 May 2020

The latest data from Bank of England projects a contraction of 14% of GDP on an annual basis with an astounding 25% contraction in Q2 alone. This could result in a loss of 15-20% - or up to a million - Small and Medium Enterprises. Needless to say, these are unprecedented and troubling figures. The graph below is unique as it is based on open bank...

Digital Banking Trends

Covid-19: A Driver for a New Era of Credit Risk and Rating Systems

07 May 2020

The emergence of Covid-19 in Wuhan, China last December began a prolonged assault on the most important areas of our lives – our health and our financial wellbeing. Both are intrinsically linked, as we appreciate all too well these days having to endure social isolation as we start to make plans for the transition and recovery periods. Health serv...