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How banks can expand the omnichannel for virtual signing experiences

How banks can expand the omnichannel for virtual signing experiences

The global pandemic presented a challenge to the way many products and services were offered by banks, and now that we are on the other side of Covid-19, the impact is clear. Covid has permanently altered the expectations and possibilities of how banks conduct their business.

According to, in 2023 24% of people in Britain have a digital-only bank account, compared with only 9% in 2019. This trend looks set to continue with 5.3 million Britons intending to open a digital only bank account in 2023.

To achieve success given these dynamics, financial institutions must balance the convenience of the virtual world with the personal touch of th real world. Customers expect their financial service provider to offer the same digital experience they are receiving in other areas of their life. For instance, the proliferation of existing tools that improve digital experiences such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or AI-based chatbots, are now proven and effective enablers of digital innovation.

However, automation is no longer enough. Today, security and a human connection is a must-have, particularly because remote working is now normalised, but the requirement for collaboration persists. In a world where we are making more financial decisions on digital platforms, there must be a process in place where meetings can be tracked and signatures can be ensured virtually.

This Finextra impact study, produced in association with OneSpan, explores how financial services providers can balance security, compliance, and remote interactivity with the need for a more human centric digital experience.

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