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Bio Currently as the CTO of SmartStream I am responsible for the current technology road map and implementation. Career History



Can we move past 1980 ?

10 Aug 2018

1980 was a great year. Post Notes had its debut. Cable News Network launched and the US men’s hockey team beat the Russian team. Most data was stored in file structures like VSAM. Not until 1983, when IBM launched DB2, did data processing take a leap from file based structures to relational databases. Between 1980 and today computer processing has...

Capital Markets Technology

Move Forward But Don’t Forget

14 Jun 2018

As a CTO I have been awed by the multiple options for the business application of new technologies. I always put myself in the place of our customers and understand why there are so many organisations grappling with the power of the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to make them real. From my days working at a large financial com...