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Director of Financial Services UK&I at Informatica
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Why a meticulous approach to customer data is essential for omnichannel banking success

11 Jul 2016

The increase in omnichannel banking requirements is driving the demand for high quality, trusted data to support customer engagement. While banks have been working with customers in real-time for quite some time, they now need to capture more than just traditional transactional data when interacting with customers to inform engagement with relevant...


Refining regulation: taking a top-down approach to data management

21 Mar 2016

Given that for many Global Systematically Important banks (GSIBs) the initial deadline for BCBS239 compliance passed on 1st January 2016, it’s important that they and other financial institutions adopt a top-down approach to both ensure and maintain compliance. Banks need to ensure their regulation protocols can be applied to any data governance r...


The top 5 technologies disrupting the world of finance and where the industry must go next

29 Feb 2016

The last decade has been a tumultuous one for financial services, not least in the field of technology. The meteoric rise of mobile devices, social media and online banking has changed the way consumers live and interact with financial services organisations. Customers are no longer happy to settle for written correspondence, face-to-face meetings...


Have banks finally spotted the digital data carrot?

29 Oct 2015

The rising availability of customer data means customer-centricity should be the top priority of every financial institution today. Faster moving, less regulated industries like retail and digital services have been quick to capitalise on the opportunities to improve the customer experience that data has afforded them. Comparatively retail banks, ...