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Bigger than Technology

Visions At the Gates of Pandemonium: Covid-19, Market Woes, FDR, Eloi, and Crumbling World Order

27 Mar 2020

Are you still worrying whether or not we’re headed for a recession? Don’t. We’re there, and the long-term effects of this one are going to be seismic in scale. Your choices are to stop reading and go stock up on canned foods and toilet paper or join me in figuring out how to beat this thing so future generations don’t hate us as much as our childr...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The State of Neobanking: Alarming Trends and Exciting Developments to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

19 Feb 2020

If traditional banks aren't paying attention to so-called 'challenger-banks' thinking that the current system is future-proof enough to withstand a few more decades of brazen disregard for the public good and common sense, they'd better think again. Will Seemingly Immovable Objects Crumble Before Unstoppable Forces? It seems to me that quite a few...