27 September 2023

Company profile for Fiserv, Inc.

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7 Roundwood Avenue, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB11 1AX, United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 8833 3000
Telephone: +52-1-(55)-5281-4963
Asia Pacific
Telephone: +65 6533 9288

Company information

Fiserv is a global leader in financial services technology solutions. We're helping more than 13,000 clients worldwide create and deliver experiences for a digital world that's always on. Solutions that enable today's consumer to move and manage money with ease, speed and convenience. At the point of thought.

Brochures can be found on our website: www.fiserv.com or our Solutions Catalogue - https://www.fiserv.com/international/resources/international-solutions-catalogues.aspx  

Products and services

Processing Services • AgilitiTM
• Advantage Fee
• Aperio
• Card Management for Signature
• Collections for Signature
• Communicator™ for Signature
• Data Warehouse for Signature
• Messaging Services: Message Broker
• Nautilus
• Signature
• Teller for Signature
• TradeFlow™
Digital Channels • Corillian Online
• DigitalAccess
• Mobiliti Edge
• Mobiliti Enterprise
• Mobiliti Reach
• Micronotes® Cross-Sell™
Risk and Compliance • AML Risk Manager
• FATCA Manager
• Accurate™ Reconciliation
• Asset Liability Manager
• Payments Fraud Manager
• Funds Transfer Pricing
• LoanComplete
• Performance Acceleration Services
• Network Fee Advisor
• Performance Advisory Services
Payments • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments
• Source Capture Optimisation
Insights and Optimisation • CorPoint®: Deposit Manager
• CorPoint®: Order Manager
• Device Manager
• Integrated Currency Manager
• Device Manager™: Terminal Connect
• Enable
Managed Services • Network Fee Advisor
• Performance Acceleration Services
• Performance Advisory Services
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