18 April 2024

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Dovetail, 800 Wood Street, 2 Minster Court, London, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7562 7788
Telephone: +1 862 261 3333
Notes: Acquired by Fiserv

Company information

Dovetail provides market ready payments and liquidity management solutions to enable banks to differentiate their payments offerings, optimize their liquidity and to provide their customers with a more consistent, efficient and effective payments experience.

The solutions are scalable, up and down, across functional and volume needs and offer a high level of personalization. Significantly, they are based on a single architecture that leverages common investment for the whole Dovetail community.

Dovetail's solutions, processes and people enable banks globally to achieve a measurable return on investment, cost control and regulatory compliance, while at the same time address legacy technology challenges. Dovetail... delivering advantage...

Products and services

Pre-assembled solutions We also offer a number of pre-assembled solutions that can be used 'off the shelf' or tailored to client's infrastructure and needs. All receive payments from multiple systems as either bulk files or individual messages in a variety of formats, and can be integrated with internal systems. The solutions include:
  • SEPA Credit Transfers;
  • SEPA Direct Debits;
  • RTGS payments processing e.g. CHAPS, Target2;
  • ACH payments processing e.g. BACS, STET;
  • UK Faster Payments;
  • Correspondent banking payments processing;
  • US Dollar Clearing: Fedwire, CHIPS;
  • Liquidity Management.

The SEPA Credit Transfers and Direct Debits solutions include all inbound and outbound 'R' message processing and provide extensible SEPA qualification rules, including IBAN and BIC checking and extensible routing rules for multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms including full reachability through XCT, bilateral and other channels. Mandate records are kept and maintained and used to validate Direct Debit collections.
Dovetail Payments System The Dovetail Payments System automates a wide range of payments processing-from bulk ACH clearing to global RTGS settlement-supporting both straight through processing (STP) and manual entry and repair. It is universal-covering wholesale and retail, high and low value, urgent and non-urgent, and single and bulk payments-in multi-currency, multi-company and multi-entity operations. Its secure, Web-based front-end supports local and remote payment entry and repair, liquidity management, and comprehensive exception monitoring. The system fully supports ISO 20022 messaging, ensuring no truncation of data.

The Dovetail Payments System is component based and built on modern open standards and technology, maximizing your hardware and technology platform options. It gives you full control to differentiate while retaining product's economic advantage.
Party Search Engine Party Search Engine queries reference databases & bank CIFs to automatically identify all related parties, qualify & repair payments & improve STP. Liquidity Manager Liquidity Manager monitors liquidity in real-time, providing a cross-currency, cross-channel view, position management controls, counterparty bilateral limits & dynamic liquidity policies.
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