10 December 2018
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Kalevantie 2, 33100 Tampere, +358 104 708 810, Finland

Company information

XMLdation is the most recommended provider of development and onboarding services for standardised transaction messages: ISO20022 XML, JSON-APIs and others. We provide validation, simulation and message management SaaS, along with expert consulting and tailored project assistance. Our mature cloud services support the entire development life cycle from requirements specification through design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance to customer onboarding. XMLdation: XML management made easy.

Products and services

Designed to reduce the complexity of managing global standards and specific business rules the centralised message management platform myXML provides life cycle management, automated documentation, multi-user collaboration, and instant generation of large varieties of test transactions at the click of a button. The XMLdation Validator, Simulator and API sandbox assist in testing the flow towards the transaction services provider and in understanding the return flow to facilitate straight-through-processing and automation. Banks can offer our self-service tools to their clients, ensuring 24/7 onboarding support with significant savings.

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More about rule management and documentation
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