29 January 2022

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Suite #295 - 4664 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 5T5, Canada
Telephone: +1.604.451.1567

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INETCO provides real-time transaction monitoring and customer engagement analytics software that helps business managers and IT operations teams uncover new revenue opportunities, lower the cost-to-serve and deliver an amazing customer experience across all banking channels. INETCO’s proven technology solutions are currently deployed in over 50 different countries. Happy INETCO partners and customers include some of the world’s largest global companies and financial institutions spanning the banking, ATM, retail, telecommunications and payment processing markets.

Product Information:

INETCO’s banking software solutions are deployed in over 30 countries, helping global retail banks, credit unions and payment processors successfully roll out various omnichannel and digital transformation initiatives by providing a single customer view across all banking channels. With INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring and customer engagement analytics solutions, both business and operations teams have unlimited access to the real-time customer interaction data, end-to-end transaction performance data and analytics tools they need to:

  • Improve the customer experience across all channels
  • Lower the cost-to-serve
  • Uncover new revenue opportunities through more convenience and better alignment of customer-to-product offerings

Products and services

Introducing INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring software INETCO Insight is a network-based, real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming software platform that provides a real-time, end-to-end operations view into the performance of all digital banking transactions happening within your omnichannel banking, self-service networks or payment processing environments. It is used by IT operations and applications support teams looking for:
  • PROACTIVE RESOLUTION: A proven way to reduce failed consumer interactions by up to 26% through instant notification of digital transaction completion issues, application performance bottlenecks and network failures
  • FASTER TROUBLESHOOTING: A 65-75% faster way to isolate incomplete electronic transactions spanning self-service channels, third party services, multi-vendor hardware and software applications
  • COST-EFFECTIVE DATA MINING AND TRANSACTION DATA STREAMING: An easier way to access the real-time transaction data needed to analyze customer usage and resolve network, application and host connectivity issues affecting the completion of consumer interactions across all banking channels
With INETCO Insight, you can establish in independent, centralized transaction data and monitoring hub across all your banking channels. Combine transaction profiling capabilities, application performance analytics and end-user experience monitoring for a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view into your dynamic IT environment - no agents, extra traffic loads or code changes required. (And best of all, no touching the switch.)
» More about: Introducing INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring software Introducing INETCO Analytics customer engagement analytics software INETCO Analytics is the latest in a trend of vertical analytics solutions being adopted by the retail banking market, and is quickly gaining recognition for its game-changing visibility into where, when and how customers bank.

The INETCO Analytics state of the art data management solution varies greatly from the way traditional customer engagement analytics has been done in the past, moving away from the dependency of stale data analysis gathered from application logs, flat files, banking systems and relational databases. It embraces the concept of Fast Data, or data that can be analyzed as it's ingested while still maintaining extremely high intake rates, providing an instantaneous understanding of what is happening with your customer interactions, and in the rich context of where, when and how. INETCO Analytics will result in a significantly faster time to value and operational efficiencies realized through:
  • A FOCUS ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Developing a truly customer-centric view of how each banking channel is being used
  • SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Having digital executives, channel managers, marketers and operations users be self-sufficient in accessing centralized transaction intelligence, which will shrink reporting and decision making times by hours or days
  • BEST OF BREED TECHNOLOGY STACK: Deploying cutting edge technologies that allow you to scale smoothly to handle the large volumes of customer interaction data required to execute your digital banking strategy. The best of breed technology stack for INETCO Analytics includes:
    • Real-time transaction data streaming (INETCO Insight)
    • A highly scalable, cost effective data storage cluster (Cloudera Hadoop)
    • A leading edge visualization server (Tableau)
    • On-demand, channel specific customer analytics dashboards, predictive algorithms and reports (INETCO Analytics)
» More about: Introducing INETCO Analytics customer engagement analytics software
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