Inetco adds data access options

Source: Inetco

Inetco Systems Limited, an expert in real-time transaction monitoring and analytics for retail banking and payment processors, announced today an expanded menu of transaction data access options.

These new options allow financial institutions to accelerate digital transformation strategies by optimizing the capture of rich transaction data enterprise-wide, and feeding it directly into channel management, analytics, fraud monitoring, IT performance, and cash management systems of choice. Armed with rich transaction intelligence, operations teams and business leaders can make more informed decisions, and identify new ways to lower the cost to serve, improve the customer experience, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Digital transformation is driving the growing need for real-time insights into customer behavior, across all channels. Through INETCO Insight’s rich data collection and expanded data access options, banks and processors can now strategically gather the transaction data they need in one place, rather than having to piece it together from disparate systems. Network-based deployment means a simple integration that can capture customer interactions across multiple retail banking channels and platforms without requiring intrusive agents, extra traffic loads, or changes to the payments switch. In addition to the real-time monitoring and alerts engine, API connectors and CSV batch data delivery capabilities currently available with INETCO Insight, the new data access options include:

• Data Forwarding – Selected real-time transaction data is streamed in JSON format to third party applications such as fraud management solutions
• Open Data Access – Rich transaction message details are stored on a Hadoop data cluster where they can be easily accessed by software development teams or other third party applications and systems such as on-demand analytics, reporting, or cash management platforms

“At the core of any enterprise-wide data strategy is a well thought out plan around data accessibility,” said Bijan Sanii, CEO of INETCO. “We are excited to help data-inspired banks and payment processors take the digital transformation leap and make customer transaction intelligence easily accessible for a wide range of existing teams and systems, including channel management, analytics, IT performance, cash management, or fraud management platforms.”

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