29 May 2024

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1290 Avenue of the Americas, 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10104, United States
Telephone: +1 212 809 7200
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3170 3000
Asia Pacific
Telephone: +65 6 232 2358
Notes: Acquired by Ion Trading, April 2011

Company information

Wall Street Systems (Wallstreet) is the market leader in treasury, central banking and FX trade processing solutions. Its functionally rich and scalable solutions are used by the world's largest corporations and financial institutions to improve workflow, manage risks and increase overall productivity throughout the enterprise. Wallstreet's award winning solutions are used by tens of thousands of users to process millions of transactions aggregating to trillions of dollars, every day.

Products and services

Wallstreet Cash Management Provides a single consolidated view of the bank's predicted cash positions. » More about: Wallstreet Cash Management Wallstreet City Financials The integrated treasury workstation covering all aspects of corporate treasury system requirements. » More about: Wallstreet City Financials Wallstreet eBAM The leading Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) solution. It allows corporations to manage bank data, corporate signatories and exposures across all global accounts rapidly, accurately and securely. » More about: Wallstreet eBAM Wallstreet ESN The Electronic Settlement Network (Wallstreet ESN) is a cross-asset, post trade processing utility for the capital markets, featuring on demand processing capacity and pay as you go pricing. » More about: Wallstreet ESN Wallstreet FX The sophisticated integrated platform offering high volume trade processing for banks, enabling them to provide the best service to be competitive in the FX market. » More about: Wallstreet FX Wallstreet Suite The highly configurable solution, customised to a corporation or financial institution's specific needs. It delivers unprecedented ROI, with immediate visibility, control and simplified compliance. » More about: Wallstreet Suite Wallstreet Treasura The market-leading, cost-effective, web-based cash and treasury management solution relied upon by hundreds of best-in-class global treasury teams. » More about: Wallstreet Treasura Wallstreet Treasury The Software as a Service (SaaS), best practice, hosted, integrated best of breed corporate treasury solution. » More about: Wallstreet Treasury
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