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Harland Financial Solutions, supplies software and services to thousands of financial institutions of all sizes providing credit risk management software and related services to banks and financial services providers around the world.

Our flagship solution, CreditQuest® is an end-to-end credit management system that brings origination, financial analysis, underwriting, documentation, risk rating automation, rating model administration and executive reporting together in a collaborative, streamlined workflow. It combines a unified, relationship-centric view of the customer's financial data and supporting documents with advanced portfolio management capability.

Products and services

CreditQuest CreditQuest is a suite of software products that provides integrated and easy-to-use solutions that are built around the unique needs around credit management. It brings financial analysis, portfolio management, executive reporting, rating model administration and workflow management together in a collaborative, scalable system. CreditQuest improves efficiency throughout the entire credit lifecycle, centralizes data from many sources, automates routine tasks and contributes to overall credit risk management. CreditQuest is comprised of solutions that can be deployed as a full suite or individually, depending on the specific needs of the organization.

CreditQuest Credit Manager
CreditQuest® Credit Manager™ is a complete solution for managing, reviewing and analyzing credit applications, which significantly reduces commercial application turnaround times, while mitigating credit risk.

CreditQuest Financial Analyzer
CreditQuest® Financial Analyzer™ is a next-generation financial management and analysis solution that enables financial institutions to manage credit risk efficiently and effectively. CreditQuest Financial Analyzer helps rate commercial customers by leveraging the information contained within their financial statements.

CreditQuest Portfolio Manager
CreditQuest® Portfolio Manager™ provides credit professionals with metrics pertaining to credit risk, profitability and the level of banking activity, from the portfolio level down to the single customer. By leveraging all of the available data, CreditQuest Portfolio Manager highlights changes in real time to facilitate a timely response.

CreditQuest Project Analyzer
CreditQuest® Project Analyzer™ is an advanced project financing analysis solution that helps financial institutions mitigate their credit risk and assess the viability of debt-financed projects. With CreditQuest Project Analyzer, shorten the time you spend on the analysis and assessment of project financing to hours from the days it can take using spreadsheet-based modeling techniques.

CreditQuest Rating Manager
CreditQuest® Rating Manager™ is a highly-flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use a wide range of risk rating models. It supports models that incorporate borrower demographics, financial statement elements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, account activity, quality of collateral, real-time exception alerts and more. These models may automatically aggregate the information available to the financial institution regarding counterparties, facilities and collateral.
Brochure: » CreditQuest Brochure - Global October 2010.pdf 616.7 kb (PDF File) » More about: CreditQuest CreditQuest Credit Manager CreditQuest Credit Manager is a complete solution for processing commercial and small business credit applications and managing the full customer business relationship, significantly reducing application turnaround time while improving consistency and risk.

Credit Manager provides an integrated software system that incorporates workflow and streamlined data entry, financial statement reports, an aggregate customer account relationship view, document management, automated credit write-ups, all from a single desktop. It standardizes transaction processing for simple small business loan applications. It also accommodates the flexibility and detail needed to address high-end corporate financing requests that can encompass several entities and include many facilities.

Reduce Turnaround
Credit Manager significantly speeds credit request processing
  • Data entry is streamlined presenting the screens appropriate to the customer and product type in the request
  • Host interface automatically updates all accounts and balances in a single step
  • Automated workflows assist with navigation, enforce following established rules and captures all decisions on a request
  • Whether retrieving prior credit application history, pulling credit bureau reports, or accessing financial statement spreads, all items are accessed with a few clicks
  • Users can enter the application narrative comments and recommendation, run spell-check and preview the credit memo

Mitigate Risk
Credit Manager contains full risk-rating capabilities where you may incorporate simple small business or professional customer risk models, or conduct comprehensive multi-step commercial risk assessment. The models can integrate automated responses, integrate factors based on financial statement information, as well as support manual input and overrides capturing justification comments.

Better Credit Information Management
Credit Manager organizes and aggregates all information for managing the credit processes:
  • Banking Activity - Review all customer-related accounts providing a complete presentation of a customer's credit, collateral, deposits and fee income―both historical and up-to-the-minute
  • Business Structure - See the big picture and overlapping ownership and influence, using an interactive ownership 'tree' for a complete graphical representation of affiliated companies, individuals and additional business ties
  • Credit Memo - Automated credit memos automatically assemble all information. The administrator controls the precise content, format and layout properties to produce consistent, professional presentation-ready results - for printed page and electronic use
  • Customer-Related Correspondence - Access all customer-related correspondence from one source

Personal Workspace
The personal desktop lets each credit officer and credit analyst see a personalized view of their work:
  • Pending Applications
  • Alerts and Exceptions
  • E-mail and Calendar
  • Document Ticklers
  • Referrals and Opportunities

Tailored workflow profiles also streamline data entry and collection by presenting only the screens that your institution has defined as necessary to the current transaction type or entity size. Credit Manager lets you verify and manage customer-provided documents, and supports the full range of credit approval processes, ranging from automated retail loan applications to complex corporate applications that may involve multiple decision makers at dispersed geographical locations.

Recover Delinquent Debt
Credit Manager's debt recovery functionality focuses on the tracking and management of delinquent loans and customers. The system manages the entire collections lifecycle from the sending out notification letters to a court case to recovery, auction or write off. A diary of the recovery process is maintained whereby all events, payments and any other collection details are recorded.
» More about: CreditQuest Credit Manager CreditQuest Portfolio Manager CreditQuest Portfolio Manager provides Senior Risk Managers and Executive-level staff with a tool that allows for a thorough and consistent analysis of the entire credit portfolio. Data can be viewed and reported on from the portfolio-level down to the specific single customer.

Monitor Your Portfolio
CreditQuest Portfolio Manager provides rapid and detailed insight into your financial institution's credit portfolio, giving decision makers the information needed to effectively manage risk. Through flexible data segmentation, you are able to drill down into the portfolio to continuously monitor concentration levels by exposure, industry segment and geography. This enables you to go beyond simply reporting and tracking. In addition, you will be able to identify developing business trends so that you can make the needed adjustments and adopt or modify policies in order to keep you on your intended course. You can also view historical banking activity by customer, relationship manager, branch and more. With this information in hand, you can quickly identify individual loans or portfolio segments requiring prompt review or more detailed attention.

Apply Powerful Reporting
CreditQuest Portfolio Manager rapidly sifts through an extensive amount of data to produce routine or ad hoc analyses. It allows the user to roll up monthly snapshots by quarter or by year so that you can more effectively identify and monitor trends. Routine reports are predefined in a gallery for easy access and use, and are produced immediately after each monthly data import. These analyses help you to answer questions such as:
  • What are our exposures and trends in various industry sectors, and in various lines of business? How are risk ratings migrating period-by-period?
  • What are our current key products exposures and trends?
  • What credit balances will pay off in the near future? What does the new replacement business look like?

Automatically Generate Your Periodic Reports
Portfolio Manager aggregates data monthly, automatically showing you the changes in your portfolio. It accepts data from the core system, supplements it with data from CreditQuest, and then applies mathematical functions so you have the data measures you want to work with. It automates the entire process and automatically advances the date on all your prior work. For example, if your standard reports represent the last three months of data, those same specifications are maintained. All of your reports run without any adjustment needed.

The selected data populations and views are powerful and flexible. The system is designed so that non-programmers can control and manipulate the raw data so you control the entire process and enabling you to expand its scope and power. You can choose to start with summary information, and then successively drill down into areas of specific interest.

View Trends
Essential to portfolio oversight is the ability to see the big picture and to understand the numerous undercurrents and trends. For example, you may wish to view the counts and exposure total in each risk grade and see how they have changed from period-to-period. Then you might want to explore further and see how that exposure will correlate with LTV. It is through such analysis that you are able to fully understand your overall book of business and better identify the steps you need to take to defend, strengthen and improve your situation.

Report Output
The Portfolio Manager analysis places all the data at your fingertips. While senior managers want condensed, summary portfolio-level views and analysis for executive reporting, other analysts and managers might want more specific loan-level and entity-level detail. All the data seen within the Portfolio Manager analyses can be output to a variety of reporting formats with multiple formatting options. The output report can be printed for archival purposes, saved as an electronic file, or saved as an HTML document. If desired, the HTML document may then be imported directly into Microsoft® Excel® for further processing, formatting or comparisons.
Brochure: » Portfolio Manager Brochure Global.pdf 576.2 kb (PDF File) » More about: CreditQuest Portfolio Manager CreditQuest Financial Analyzer CreditQuest Financial Analyzer is a next-generation financial statements management and analysis solution that enables financial institutions to manage credit risk efficiently and effectively. Financial Analyzer helps assess commercial and small business customers by leveraging the information contained in their financial statements.

Financial statement analysis is one of the key processes in commercial and small business lending. For most institutions, it is becoming increasingly important to centrally manage customer financial data and statements, thereby improving analysis capabilities and cutting operational costs associated with managing the data. Financial Analyzer provides operational and analytical benefits to financial institutions that need to efficiently process their customers' financial statements.

Gain Efficiencies
Free up valuable time for credit analysts by quickly capturing financial statements, automatically calculating financial ratios and generating instant reports.
  • Capture any type of financial statement using automatic file processing or accelerated manual entry-Financial Analyzer stores statements centrally and securely on a dedicated centralized server
  • View financial statements in full detail or highlights, adding comments and annotations to the analysis where needed
  • Enter customer-specific covenants within Financial Analyzer to simplify tracking and improve follow-up
  • Generate common financial ratios and automatic cash flow calculations without crunching numbers
  • Maintain data integrity with an intuitive, tailorable user interface and automatic audits
  • Define complex financial ratios (for example, a Z-score), using the customizable financial ratio editor. Quickly manipulate financial statements for ease of data entry and readability with the Financial Analyzer toolbar. Right-click on any cell and View Calculation to see how a calculated value was derived.

Use Powerful Analysis Tools
Employ the advanced comparison tool to evaluate a company relative to its industry peers in the same business segment. Define financial statement templates for any industry (such as commercial, industrial, real-estate, banking, insurance, or public institutions) for consistent formatting and easy evaluation.

Communicate Your Findings
Easily create and customize a summary or detailed reports containing statements, comparisons, flexible graphs and user comments. Share your analysis over the Web with authorized users.
Brochure: » Financial Analyzer Brochure Global.pdf 908.6 kb (PDF File) » More about: CreditQuest Financial Analyzer CreditQuest Project Analyzer CreditQuest® Project Analyzer is an advanced project financing analysis solution that helps financial institutions mitigate their credit risk and assess the viability of debt-financed projects. With CreditQuest Project Analyzer, shorten the time you spend on the analysis and assessment of project financing to hours from the days it can take using spreadsheet-based modeling techniques.

CreditQuest Project Analyzer enables financial institutions to mitigate the risk of debt-financed projects by enabling users to input the project parameters and quickly run advanced simulations to measure impact on the project. Eliminating the need for spreadsheet expertise, CreditQuest Project Analyzer automatically calculates sales projections, costs, expenses, depreciation, financing and taxes to arrive at projected cash flows, making it easier to assess the future financial viability of a project. Click here to view the CreditQuest Project Analyzer workflow chart.

CreditQuest Project Analyzer provides your financial institution with:
  • Tools to quickly run advanced simulations to assess the project's credit needs and debt repayment capacity
  • Automatic calculations of sales projections, costs, expenses, depreciation, financing and taxes
  • Sensitivity calculations and 'what-if' scenarios
  • A variety of standard reports to support your analysis, including appraisals, customer detail data and much more

CreditQuest Project Analyzer enables your financial institution to:
  • Analyze projects in every business sector using consistent methods of evaluation and documentation across projects to help reduce operational risk
  • Evaluate short or long-term financing requirements with key project factors, such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period and maximum exposure
  • Perform Sensitivity Analysis and 'what-if' scenarios and quantify the effects of changes in the interest rate, lower-than-expected revenues or other adverse conditions that may affect the borrower's ability to repay
  • Make professional presentations using the extensive report generator to combines tables, graphs and comments into easy-to-read reports in common formats
» More about: CreditQuest Project Analyzer CreditQuest Rating Manager CreditQuest Rating Manager is a highly flexible software solution that enables financial institutions to deploy and use practically any risk rating model. Rating Manager supports rating models that incorporate borrower demographics, analysis of financial statements, management quality assessments, industry segment risk, related parties, bank account activity, quality of collateral, real time alerts and more.

Manage the Entire Risk Rating Process
Rating Manager oversees and enforces the entire business process the financial institution's employees must follow. The business process includes the retrieval of supporting information (such as financial statements), the manual entry of judgmental assessments, the approval of a risk rating and manual overrides when appropriate.

Retrieve Risk-Related Information in Real-Time
Rating Manager aggregates and displays all the risk-related information about each borrower including demographic data (income, location, etc.), financials, credit and collateral, industry segment data, related parties, historical ratings, alerts, etc. In addition, Rating Manager tracks borrower related real-time risk indicators and alerts, such as breach of covenants, warnings for expired documents, alerts for overdrawn accounts, etc.

Facilitates Basel II-Compliant Rating Models
All modules in the CreditQuest suite have been designed easy use and comprehensive credit risk data gathering, assessment and management enabling the financial institution to build a strategic data mart of historical risk data. The data mart, which is at the heart of CreditQuest, facilitates the development, calibration and maintenance of internal rating models - including support for Basel II models.

Historical Data Management and Model Versioning
Rating Manager has been architected to ensure that all risk-related data is stored in such a manner that it can be processed for risk analysis purposes using statistical methods. Therefore, risk related information is highly structured. In addition, in order to track the influence of risk affecting data over time, a complete history of risk-related information is maintained.
Brochure: » Global Version ofCQ Rating Mngr Bro.pdf 473.3 kb (PDF File) » More about: CreditQuest Rating Manager
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