13 April 2021

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In der Luberzen 40, 8902 Urdorf, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 44 736 47 47

Company information

Established in 1985, Profidata Group is an independent Swiss provider of investment and wealth management software for the financial service industry. Headquarters are located in Zurich. The group also has offices in London, Frankfurt/Main, Luxembourg, Singapore, Saarbrucken and Vaduz.

Products and services

XENTIS XENTIS is an integrated and modular investment management system of a new generation. It is a powerful solution for fund managers, investment management companies, banks, custodians, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, and administrators.

Its comprehensive functionality fully supports the entire investment life cycle and any type of financial instruments. XENTIS covers the full scope of front, middle and back office processes:
  • portfolio and order management
  • performance calculations
  • risk measurement
  • investment compliance
  • settlement and accounting
  • statutory and client reporting
» More about: XENTIS Xcloud (Saas) The Xcloud offering provides easy and cost-effective access to XENTIS for small and medium-sized financial service providers. This standard still offers abundant flexibility to implement customer-specific business processes. » More about: Xcloud (Saas) e-AMIS Asset managers, family offices and institutional investors use e-AMIS for the entire investment process. The intuitive wealth management system supports the full workflow from analysis and portfolio modelling to decision support and order management through to security accounting. Performance evaluation, risk management, fee calculation, investment compliance as well as a comprehensive customer-specific reporting module, complete the extensive functionality. » More about: e-AMIS e-AMIS & Services (SaaS) This economically attractive service offering provides access to a standardised version of e-AMIS for small and medium-sized financial service providers, notably independent asset managers, family offices and investment consultants. It includes data management services, user training and support.
Additional functional modules are optional, such as asset allocation, rebalancing, cash flow projection, payment analysis, performance measurement including contribution and attribution, risk analysis and asset- and performance-related remuneration models as well as MiFID-compliant client reporting and various ad-hoc and global MIS summaries.
» More about: e-AMIS & Services (SaaS)
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