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Via Cristoforo Colombo 149, Roma, Lazio, 00147, Italy
Telephone: +39 06 7297141
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Digital Finance Experts

TAS is a Fintech specialising in innovative software solutions for payments and financial services.

For over 40 years we have been designing customised, reliable and scalable solutions enabling our customers to master evolution of the payments ecosystem.

TAS serves major commercial and central banks, the main European Financial Services centres and several of the main Global Fortune 500 broker dealers. 

TAS solutions have also been adopted by the Public Administration and by non-banking companies of diverse sectors.

Nowadays, all types of businesses need to quickly adapt to digital transformation and the demands of Open Finance. 

Products and services

CARD 3.0 I.E. A complete and modular solution for the new payments era

CARD 3.0 I.E. from TAS Group, is a cloud-native card and digital payments platform that manages all aspects of the card- and digital payments lifecycle, covering issuing, acquiring, transaction processing, real-time fraud management and more. The flexible management of cardholders, merchants and the latest payment products while fully complying with international and domestic card Schemes, security standards and communication interfaces, make it suitable for all market requirements. Through the state-of-the-art, modular platform financial institutions, processors and program managers can easily design and manage new multi-application payment products for a faster time-to-market. Designed on an open architecture using the latest technology, the readily available APIs allow you to take full advantage of new payment instruments, business models and deliver real digital transformation to your business. CARD 3.0 I.E. is an evolution of cashless 3.0.
» More about: CARD 3.0 I.E. 3D-Secure 2.0 The complete online cardholder authentication solution

3-D Secure 2.0, from TAS Group, is the online cardholder authentication solution for safer, faster, frictionless payments, based on the latest EMVCo protocol. This protocol makes use of a wealth of transactional and customer data taking into account up to 100 data items such as amount, device, IP address, MCC, delivery details, and account age, making it possible to make better authentication decisions.

By evaluating this additional information, issuers can calculate the level of risk associated with a transaction and decide whether to trigger further challenges, such as biometric, OTP or other types of authentication request. 3-D Secure 2.0 fully complies with PSD2 on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and allows SCA Exemption via an optional Intelligent Fraud Prevention module. By applying 3-D Secure based on calculated risk, issuers and acquirers can reduce fraud, deliver a better online payment experience and increase sales conversions.

The solution is completed by parameter-based administration and reporting functionalities. It can be easily integrated with any Card Processing Software and is fully PCI-DSS compliant.» More about: 3D-Secure 2.0
» More about: 3D-Secure 2.0 Fraud Protect Fraud detection and management, the intelligent way

Fraud Protect, from TAS Group, uses advanced analytics and machine learning to identify payment anomalies for both card- and account-based transactions, and carries out preemptive actions, or appropriate responses when fraudulent activity is confirmed. Fraud Protect interacts with the customer environment in real-time (be it a PSP, TPP or a Merchant) to enable swift preventive measures. This module uses advanced predictive engines to support Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA). In line with PSD2 requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Fraud Protect also offers functions to maximize the application of the SCA Exemption.
» More about: Fraud Protect e-Mission The EMV data preparation and key management solution for chip cards

e-Mission from TAS Group, is the EMV data preparation and key management solution for card production that allows the issuer to also instantly issue chip and contactless cards at the branch or Point of Sale. With e-Mission Issuers and Personalization Bureaus can start issuing and personalising EMV Chip Cards without modifying their existing card processing system. The solution provides interfaces for EMV data preparation and manages keys and certificates. Issuers are not required to modify their data generation module since e-Mission just adds an intermediate step to the process and is fully autonomous. It supports EMV-compliant debit and credit applications but also CAP (Chip Authentication Programme), DPA (Dynamic Passcode Authentication), Digital Signature, Presence & Access Control, and Loyalty Applications.
» More about: e-Mission Aquarius Aquarius, from TAS Group, delivers an integrated modular framework for Securities, Cash and Collateral management. It allows real-time monitoring and management of liquidity on the accounts held with market infrastructures and connected banks. It ensures the correct flow of payments through the various settlement channels, integrates and reconciles forecast information with the settlement of payments to allow a detailed intraday analysis, and performs simulations to understand in advance the effects caused on future cash flows. Highly configurable, the solution can be fully customized to fit your specific business needs. Aquarius can simultaneously manage multiple legal entities, satisfying Banking groups and Service Provider requirements. Each single module of Aquarius can run as a stand-alone application, or as part of a wider Aquarius platform installation, integrated into the customer's architecture. The application can be fully outsourced and hosted at our datacenters through the Plug & Go service. » More about: Aquarius Aquarius for Intraday Liquidity Aquarius provides an integrated framework to monitor Intraday Liquidity and consolidate Cash Management and Collateral activities for both direct and indirect settlement systems participants. Core functionalities include: bcbs248 monitoring tools; global intraday liquidity overview at individual country, currency, legal entity or customer level; monitoring on a monthly and daily basis; flexible alerting; easy integration with bank back-office and network applications. A Stress Testing Module is available to improve BCBS 248 stress testing in a totally automated way. » More about: Aquarius for Intraday Liquidity Aquarius for T2S Aquarius allows a full T2S management and compliance for Securities, Cash and Collateral components. It offers a real time view on DCA accounts status, operational limits and collateralization activities for National Bank and Clients. It automatically manages Post-Trade operations interacting with domestic and international settlement systems (CSD, iCSD and Global Custodian). It supports all Target2Securities features for both direct and indirect participants. It allows real-time monitoring of the settlement lifecycle and account balancing, providing value-added features such as matching, reconciliation, settlement instruction, aggregation and shaping. » More about: Aquarius for T2S Aquarius for T2 The TARGET2 module is the core component of the suite allowing real-time liquidity monitoring and management of payment flows on the Eurosystem's RTGS to significantly improve the management of balance positions and transactions. The solution is offered also to ease migration to and comply with the upcoming transformation required by the Eurosystem's Consolidation T2/T2S project. Aquarius for Correspondent Banking The module provides monitoring on active positions in Commercial Bank Money on a country and currency basis, according to different time zones and bank profiles. It enables FX conversion into a single base currency to manage Nostro accounts information, individually or in aggregated form, on an intraday basis. » More about: Aquarius for Correspondent Banking Record Keeping Record Keeping, from TAS Group, allows clients to centralize all data records regarding trading activities, facilitating MiFID II compliance. Through this solution users can analyze data, produce statistics and carry out checks on internalization activities, as well as extracting data to produce regulatory reports on execution quality and on the Top Five Venues.

The solution can be easily integrated with customer trading and back-office platforms, and can be fed through batch and/or real-time data flows in order to deliver post-trade transparency reporting to APA. The solution is available on premise or through the Plug & Go service.
TeleTrading TeleTrading, from TAS Group, is a flexible, scalable platform that centrally controls the flow of trading orders and executions for any traded asset. Routing, deal capture, smart order routing and best execution are some of the features available in its modular structure. The easy management of communication protocols facilitates the integration of back offices in any format and enables easy FIX communication with any platform » More about: TeleTrading TeleFeed TeleFeed, from TAS Group, ensures the management and integration of the flow of information in real time, from Vendors, Markets and MTFs, allowing governance and control of their internal distribution.

Scalable and modular, it integrates flows from different providers in a centralized, easy and efficient way, providing a single source for reference data, pricing and books, ensuring cost effective storage and consultation of their history. It decouples protocols, formats, and cut-offs of external systems from the application and needs of a bank.
» More about: TeleFeed TeleMonitor The obligations introduced by European regulations - monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions (Market Abuse Directive), management of relevant parties, notice to supervisory bodies (MIFID and EMIR Transaction Reporting) - have been added to the existing requirements relating to monitoring customer transactions for abnormal activities.
TeleMonitor, from TAS Group, carries out screening of trading operations, and reports operations that could be linked to insider trading and market manipulation, managing in a centralized way the issues relating to the records of relevant entities.
» More about: TeleMonitor TAS Network Gateway TAS Network Gateway is a financial messaging platform that connects customers to any national or international interbank network in a simple and seamless way. TAS Network Gateway is installed at the heart of the European Central Platform for the management and redistribution of all T2 and T2S messages as well as in many domestic and global banks - both as the access hub for SWIFTNet, SIAnet and Internet, and as a transformation/validation engine for multiple application frameworks, including SEPA, FIN, Funds, T2, T2S and Instant Payments.
The solution is available on premise or as a service (SaaS).
» More about: TAS Network Gateway TAS Open Banking TAS Open Banking framework enables fast and flexible implementation of PSD2 compliance and unlocks the PSPs' capability to develop and deliver new API-based services.

• Full availability of PSD2 regulated services
• Available with an embedded API management services layer or with an integration interface to the API management SW already in use by the bank
• Manages Smart Accounts, a value-added-service feature enabling the configuration of virtual customer accounts in association with TPPs.
• Full compliance with SCA requirements
• Natively integrated with Instant Payments gateways
» More about: TAS Open Banking TAS Service Bureau The easiest way to connect to the inter-bank payment networks

The set-up, management and maintenance activities for SWIFT infrastructures and applications require a high level of specialised and costly expertise that is not always available within banking institutions and businesses. TAS Service Bureau is a complete infrastructure for inter-banking connectivity and messaging, providing a single access point to the SWIFT Network and its services. TAS Service Bureau also offers a whole range of value-added-services that can be activated on request
» More about: TAS Service Bureau TAS CBT FINPlatform The easiest way to access SWIFTNet

TAS CBT FINPlatform is an innovative solution that radically simplifies access to the SWIFT network, providing a direct interface to the FIN protocol in an extremely cost-effective way. TAS CBT FINPlatform can be activated as an independent module or as part of TAS Network Gateway solution, the broader architectural framework designed to centralise and improve connectivity efficiency between applications and the networks. CBT FINPlatform is a specific configuration of TAS Network Gateway, that has been built leveraging our extensive knowledge and many years of experience working in the SWIFT world.
» More about: TAS CBT FINPlatform PayTAS The collaborative multi-channel platform for e-billing, e-collections and e-payments

It's the platform providing citizens, businesses and Public Administration entities a single access point for paying taxes, duties and public goods and services, using a multitude of methods. The service can be accessed from the internet, mobile devices, ATMs and other non-banking acceptance networks. Citizens and businesses can easily keep track of their position with regards to the PA, whereas Public Administration offices remain constantly up-to-date on taxpayers' situations.
» More about: PayTAS TAS MyBank Solution Next Generation Web Banking Services

MyBank is the solution designed by EBA CLEARING for domestic and cross-border e-commerce payments. It offers an alternative to card payments on the Internet and Mobile, allowing customers to pay through the tools provided by their bank. The TAS MyBank solution consists of three core modules (MyBank Router, MyBank Validator, MyBank Directory), and a set of value-added options, including a White Label MyBank Access Gateway
» More about: TAS MyBank Solution Focus on Correspondent Banking The module provides monitoring on active position in Commercial Bank Money on a country and currency basis, according to different time zones and bank profiles. It enables FX conversion into a single base currency to manage Nostro accounts information, individually or in aggregated form, on an intraday basis. » More about: Focus on Correspondent Banking
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