10 December 2018
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Via Cristoforo Colombo, Rome, 149- 00147 , Italy
Telephone: +39 06 7297141
Telephone: +1 646 351-0969

Company information

TAS Group delivers software solutions for electronic money, payment systems, capital markets and extended enterprise. Our offices span 7 countries but our secure solutions manage financial transactions worldwide. We strive to simplify the way private enterprise, public sector, commercial and central banks interact with their customers, stakeholders and technology systems. Our highly experienced team of business analysts and software engineers are focused on rethinking, reimagining and revolutionizing commercial business processes for digital and mobile integration.

Trusted by European Central Banks to manage millions of financial messages each day, our 30-year reputation in the market and outstanding SWIFT expertise has made us an internationally preferred partner in the financial industry. Our securities software is leading the way for Target2-Securities regulations in Europe while our 12 years of experience in EMV card payments is helping US businesses and institutions implement smooth migrations. Today, over 100 million chip cards are managed on TAS solutions.

Products and services

Focus on Correspondent Banking The module provides monitoring on active position in Commercial Bank Money on a country and currency basis, according to different time zones and bank profiles. It enables FX conversion into a single base currency to manage Nostro accounts information, individually or in aggregated form, on an intraday basis. » More about: Focus on Correspondent Banking TAS Open Banking TAS Open Banking framework enables fast and flexible implementation of PSD2 compliance and unlocks PSPs'capability to develop and deliver new API based services.

•Full availability of PSD2 regulated services
•Available with an embedded API management services layer or with an integration interface to the API management SW already in use by the bank
•Manages Smart Accounts, a value added service feature enabling the configuration of virtual customer accounts in association with TPPs Full compliance with SCA requirements
•Natively integrated with Instant Payments gateways
» More about: TAS Open Banking TAS CBT FIN Platform The easiest way to access SWIFTNet
TAS CBT FINPlatform is an innovative solution that radically simplifies FIN connectivity through a direct interface for SWIFTNet FIN protocol at an extremely competitive price. TAS CBT FINPlatform can be activated as an independent module or as part of TAS Network Gateway solution, the broader architectural framework engineered to centralise and improve efficiency of connectivity between applications and networks. CBT FINPlatform is a specific configuration of TAS Network Gateway, that has been built leveraging our extensive knowledge and many years of experience of working in the SWIFT world.
» More about: TAS CBT FIN Platform TAS Network Gateway The solution for Management of Interbank Networks and Messages
TAS Network Gateway is the platform, which executes interaction with numerous networks (SWIFT, domestic, internet, private) for all interbank messages and files. TAS Network Gateway manages multiple communication standards through specific drivers, decoupling back office applications from network issues.
» More about: TAS Network Gateway Card 3.0 The platform for the issuance and management of cards and payment products
Card 3.0 is our innovative processing solution that enables financial institutions, processors and program managers to autonomously design and manage new payment products. Card 3.0 also supports: EMV personalization, on-line authorization, key management, 3-D Secure, card stock management, real-time fraud detection, terminal management, switching, mobile remote and proximity payments and more. While maintaining a strong focus on processing of credit, debit and prepaid cards, Card 3.0 goes beyond the usual "cardcentric" approach focusing on the final customer's payment experience.
» More about: Card 3.0 3D-Secure The complete 3-D Secure enrollment and authentication solution
The complete 3-D Secure enrolment and authentication solution TAS 3D-Secure is the solution implementing 3-D Secure authentication protocol and the related programs, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, developed by the networks to improve e-commerce transactions and reduce CNP frauds and chargebacks. It allows Issuers to verify cardholder identity during an online purchase, providing them with full capabilities to:
  • operate cardholder enrolment
  • determine whether a given PAN code is enrolled in the Issuer's SecureCode/VbV program
  • perform cardholder authentication
  • calculate CAVV/AAV and send authentication message to the merchant.
The solution is completed by parameter-based administration and reporting functionalities. It can be easily integrated with any Card Processing Software and is fully PCI-DSS compliant.
» More about: 3D-Secure TAS HCE The solution for safe mobile payments
HCE enables Issuers to autonomously implement APPs and Digital Wallet Services for smartphones that use virtual, cloud-based cards for NFC-POS payments. HCE technology helps Issuers re-gaining full control on the payment initiation and on the card-related user experience. With a virtualised smartcard there is no need to show or swipe. Transactions are based on virtual PANs and related card data, therefore no need for a secure element to reside on the smartphone.
» More about: TAS HCE TAS Cashless 3.0 The absolute platform for electronic payment management
CASHLESS 3.0™ is TAS innovative processing platform that enables financial institutions, processors and program managers to autonomously design and manage new multi-application payment products. CASHLESS 3.0™ supports: Issuing, Acquiring, Key and PIN management, Real-time fraud detection, Terminal management, Switching, e-commerce, mobile remote and proximity payments and more. While maintaining a strong focus on processing of credit, debit and prepaid cards, CASHLESS 3.0™ goes beyond the usual "card-centric" approach focusing on the end customer's payment experience.
» More about: TAS Cashless 3.0 e-Mission The EMV data preparation and key management solution for chip cards
With e-Mission Issuers and Personalization Bureaus can start issuing and personalizing EMV Chip Cards without modifying their card processing system. The solution adapts to existing data flows generated by Issuers to issue magstripe cards, and provides interfaces for EMV data preparation and management of EMV keys and certificates. Issuers are not required to modify their existing data generation systems, since e-Mission just adds an intermediate step to the existing process and is fully autonomous. Many applications are supported by the solution: the main ones are Visa, MasterCard and domestic payment applications. Additional applications can be easily integrated, i.e. CAP and DPA for strong authentication, Digital Signature, Presence & Access Control, Loyalty, etc. e-Mission also supports instant issuance which allows direct issuing at a bank branch and/or point of sale.
» More about: e-Mission Fraud Protect The TAS solution that manages and prevents frauds
Fraud Protect is TAS' solution designed for the prevention and management of card payment frauds. Fraud Protect promptly identifies suspect transactions and enables operators to execute appropriate investigations and take immediate actions in case of ascertained fraud. Fraud Protect interacts in real-time with other systems to enable preventive measures like decline authorisations, generate real-time warning messages and block cards. In line with Italian national regulations and legislation, it also manages interface flows with external procedures.
» More about: Fraud Protect TAS Service Bureau The easiest way to connect to the inter-bank payment networks
Set-up, management and maintenance activities for SWIFT infrastructures and applications require a high level of specialised and costly expertise that is not always available within banking institutions and businesses. TAS Service Bureau is a complete infrastructure for inter-banking connectivity and messaging, providing a single access point to the SWIFT Network and its services. TAS Service Bureau also offers a whole range of value added services that can be activated at customer request.
» More about: TAS Service Bureau TAS MyBank Solution Next Generation Web Banking Services
TAS has been working closely with EBA CLEARING on the MyBank initiative during the project specification phase and has developed a MyBank offering fully consistent with the MyBank model.

Furthermore, TAS is concluding Pilot Agreements with some major European Banks to implement its MyBank solution. The TAS MyBank solution consists of 3 core modules (MyBank Router, MyBank Validator, MyBank Directory), and a set of value added options, including a White Label MyBank Access Gateway.
» More about: TAS MyBank Solution PayTAS The collaborative multi-channel platform for e-billing, e-collections and e-payments
It's the platform providing citizens, businesses and Public Administration entities a single access point for paying taxes, duties and public goods and services, using a multitude of methods. The service can be accessed from the internet, mobile devices, ATMs and other non-banking acceptance networks. Citizens and businesses can easily keep track of their position with regards to the PA, whereas Public Administration offices remain constantly up-to-date on taxpayers' situations.
» More about: PayTAS FeelTAS Electronic Invoicing and Document Management
It's the platform supporting the order-to-cash cycle that Public entities keep with suppliers of goods and services and the banking system. FeelTAS PA allows the implementation of a cooperative/integrative model that provides electronic invoicing and document management services, as well as financial services and multiple access channels to the platform and delivery.
» More about: FeelTAS Aquarius Aquarius is a modular Liquidity and Settlement application to integrate Securities, Cash and Collateral management, with advanced graphical features and a high customization capability. This permits to self-configure all the preferred application settings for the own business model. It can simultaneously manage multiple legal entities, in order to satisfy also Bank groups and Service Provider requirements.

Focus on Post Trade
Aquarius automatically manages Post-Trade operations interacting with the settlement domestic and international systems. It supports all T2S features for both direct and indirect participants. It allows real-time monitoring of settlement and accounts balance lifecycle, providing value-added features such as matching, reconciliation, aggregation and shaping.

It standardizes the communication with counterparties, regardless the format or protocol adopted, and integrates user applications to allow proper and efficient management of post-trade processes in full STP compliance.

About Treasury and Collateral
Aquarius allows real-time monitoring and management of liquidity on the accounts held with market infrastructures and connected banks. It ensures the correct flow of payments on the various settlement channels; it integrates and reconciles forecast information with the settlement of payments in order to allow a detailed intraday analysis; it performs simulations to understand in advance the effects caused on future cash flows.

More about: Aquarius

Focus on T2S
Aquarius allows a full T2S management and compliance for Securities, Cash and Collateral components. It offers a real time view on DCA accounts status, operational limits and collateralization activities for National Bank and Clients.

More about: Aquarius - Focus on T2S
TeleTrading TeleTrading is a flexible, scalable platform that centrally controls the flow of trading orders and executions for any traded asset. Routing, deal capture, smart order routing and best execution are some of the features available in its modular structure. The easy management of communication protocols facilitates the integration of back offices in any format and enables easy FIX communication with any platform. » More about: TeleTrading TeleFeed TeleFeed ensures the management and integration of the flow of information in real time, from Vendors, Markets and MTFs, allowing governance and control of their internal distribution.

Scalable and modular, it integrates flows from different providers in a centralized, easy and efficient manner, providing a single source for reference data, pricing and books, ensuring cost effective storage and consultation of their history. It decouples protocols, formats, and cut-offs of external system from the application and needs of a bank.
» More about: TeleFeed TeleMonitor The obligations introduced by European regulations - monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions (Market Abuse Directive), management of relevant parties, notice to supervisory bodies (MIFID and EMIR Transaction Reporting) - have been added to the existing requirements relating to monitoring customer transactions for abnormal activities.

TeleMonitor carries out screening of trading operations, and reports operations that could be linked to insider trading and market manipulation, managing in a centralized manner the issues relating to the records of relevant entities.
» More about: TeleMonitor
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