29 February 2024

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330 Bay Street, 9th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2S8, Canada
Telephone: 1-855-699-2346

Company information

Company Information:
Zafin is a worldwide leader in digital banking that drives dynamic pricing, bundling and rates management strategies for more than 35 global banks. Built from the ground up for financial services, its platform empowers banks to increase revenue and efficiency by modernizing legacy infrastructure and enables financial institutions to drive deposit and lending growth while improving customer experience.

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Toronto with offices around the globe, Zafin is trusted by some of the world's largest retail and corporate banks to provide more compelling products and experiences to their clients.

Products and Services:
We know a bank's core system performs several very important functions. This is why we've built our platform to sit alongside the core system and client-facing channels. With Zafin, your bank gains the ability and agility to manage rates, fees, bundles and products in a simple to use interface. This enables you to accomplish in a few clicks, what would otherwise take months and cost millions in IT spend.

Zafin Cloud:
With Zafin Cloud, banks have the ability to incentivize the right client behavior with greater control over the three levers of client value: fee, rate and offers. With features like product bundling, multi-product conditional offers, relationship pricing, lending & deposits pricing, and a real-time predictive analytics platform for next-best offers driven by machine learning retail banks 

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Zafin Origin:
The Zafin Origin platform enables banks to provide an end-to-end digital purchase and contracting experience that is simple, personalized, and frictionless. With an intuitive online interface and workflow, consumers and small businesses can identify the right set of banking products and services based on their needs and purchase them in real time.

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Zafin Analytics:
Zafin Analytics, with the power of AI and machine learning, enables product managers and relationship managers to understand client behavior and turn it into insights that they can act on. This translates to more informed offers, with greater take-up, leading to happier customers and improved bottom lines.

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Zafin Hub:
As a flexible Product Manager toolkit, Zafin Hub is a single source of product information across product silos and lines of business. It effectively simplifies and streamlines three key product-related functions: Consolidation, management, and distribution.

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Client Offer Management:
Zafin's Client Offer Management streamlines offer management by providing the ability to create new pricing proposals and offers for clients. With the service relationship managers can simulate pricing models and analyze the profitability of new offers prior to extending them to clients.

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Billing Management:
With Zafin's Billing Management, your bank can automatically track customer compliance against contractual obligations and deliver a detailed, consolidated bill or invoice that's tailored to customer preferences.

More about: Billing Management

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