27 October 2016
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One Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DN, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7105 1000

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Exceptional trading, investment and information solutions for the world’s financial community.

New technology, new regulation, new challenges: making money in today’s financial markets is all about staying ahead of the curve. Having the capability to spot new trends and act fast turns change into opportunity. That’s why 85 per cent of the world’s premier financial institutions trust Fidessa to provide them with their multi-asset trading and investment infrastructure, their market data and analysis, and their decision making and workflow technology. It's also why $10 trillion worth of transactions flow across our global connectivity network each year. Because we’re the market leader, we can also offer unique access to the world’s largest and most valuable trading community of buy-side and sell-side professionals, from global institutions and investment banks to boutique brokers and niche hedge funds.

Fidessa is a global business with scale, resilience, ambition and expertise. Listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol FDSA), Fidessa is a FTSE 250 company employing 1,700 people globally. With turnover of over £280m we have delivered around 30% compound growth since our stock market listing in 1997 and we're recognised as the thought leader in our space. We set the benchmark with our unrivalled set of mission-critical products and services and, uniquely, serve both the buy-side and sell-side communities. Ongoing investment in our leading-edge, integrated solutions ensures Fidessa remains the industry's number one choice.

No one else can match our range, our reputation or our reliability. No one else has our strength in breadth.

Products and services

Trading platforms The Fidessa trading platforms deliver sophisticated trading, market data and connectivity solutions to the global broker/dealer community. Combining multi-asset order and execution workflow with a global FIX connectivity network, Fidessa supports all your high, low and no-touch business flows, and scales dynamically to match your business growth. Market data Global market data covering real-time prices, news and fundamentals coupled with powerful displays and analysis tools. Available as a dedicated market data workstation, fully integrated into our trading platforms or through an API as a direct feed. Global connectivity Fidessa offers one of the widest and most diverse global trading communities available. Our multi-asset FIX network connects you to over 4,000 counterparties across the world's financial markets. Buy-side firms can connect to a broad range of markets and brokers, whilst sell-side firms can get access to around $10 trillion of order flow a year. Intelligent liquidity access Trading on-exchange as a member or using the DMA service of another broker, Fidessa gives you a comprehensive, consolidated view of the markets and allows you to work your orders and manage your executions across global markets with ease. Advanced trading tools Handling complex cross-asset baskets and wave trading, as well as offering industry standard strategies or bespoke algorithms, Fidessa's advanced trading tools give you the leading edge. Buy-side compliance Our award-winning real-time compliance system keeps pace with regulations with built-in rules for all major jurisdictions. New rules can be easily added for pre- and post-trade checking using the intuitive user interface and customisable breach management workflow ensures compliance with all internal and external requirements. Buy-side portfolio management Our portfolio management solutions provide real-time analysis capabilities with integrated asset allocation, modelling, P&L, what-if scenarios and comprehensive order generation. Coverage includes all asset classes including OTC derivatives and direct integration of pre-trade compliance ensures auditable conformance with mandates and regulations. Buy-side order and execution management tools Our order and execution management tools keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of new liquidity venues and demands for best execution. Powerful trading functionality gives greater control of the execution process and provides instant access to cross asset DMA tools, algorithms and program trading. Integrated transaction analysis tools provide cost estimates pre-, intra- and post-trade. Buy-side Workstation The execution tools can also be deployed as a Buy-side Workstation for integration with internal and third-party order generation systems. The Workstation is delivered as a fully hosted, broker-neutral platform supplied with market data and trading integration via the Fidessa network. The network provides FIX connectivity between 2,900 buy-sides and 700 brokers across over 175 global markets.
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