21 February 2017
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53 St. George's Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 4EA, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8947 7200
Telephone: +01 732 603 4997
Asia Pacific
Telephone: +9122 28292337

Company information

ACE Software Solutions have been a global provider of payment processing products to Banks for over 10 years with over 100 implementations worldwide. The company’s payments processing platform PELICAN™ enables differentiated payment services by facilitating new, automated service levels at lower costs. PELICAN™ offers fully integrated, centralised, rule based solutions for both Banks and Corporates whilst leveraging the existing back office systems. This extensible component based approach offers automated solutions in Payments, Exceptions Processing, SEPA, Cash management, Anti-Money Laundering and OFAC compliance. ACE feels well positioned to meet the conflicting demands of improved payment services and the need to reduce costs.

Products and services

The Pelican Platform
The Pelican platform is a fully automated, agile and scalable platform for secure global financial transactions management that meets the needs of both banks and corporates. Pelican is robust and uses innovative and flexible components to streamline, automate and control all elements of the payments process, end-to-end, from corporates to banks and with all payment networks - and back again.

Pelican products create efficiency in transaction management, providing the benefits of operational control, cash visibility, and reduced cost of ownership, along with support for all internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

ACE Corporate Banking Solutions

PelicanCash is an innovative cash management platform that enables banks to offer corporates a 'single window' system to simplify, automate and control processing of all payments; provide easy connectivity; and create greater end-to-end visibility of cash positions and payment flows.

PelicanCash streamlines all payments and reporting through a single channel, and, using its flexible rules-based framework, enables banks to quickly launch innovative products and implement differential pricing, allowing them to generate new revenue streams, enrich the customer experience and build loyalty.

Transaction Banking Solutions

PelicanGateway™ is a powerful financial transactions hub for banks that provides end-to-end payments automation and intelligence, bringing visibility, efficiency and operational control of payments across all networks and workflows.

PelicanGateway works in harmony with existing payment components along the entire payment chain, handling file management, routing, and connectivity to networks, with reporting that supports internal and regulatory compliance requirements. Pelican Gateway's flexible rules-based framework also creates a platform for banks to quickly launch innovative products and implement differential pricing, enabling banks to generate new revenue streams.

PelicanSTP™ is an intelligent repair and routing solution which drastically increases capacity and reduces cost. The increased automation reduces manual intervention, and back charges. Pelican STP's content-based and least-cost routing ensures timely and efficient execution of all payments.
The solution incorporates a flexible framework to quickly launch innovative products and implement differential pricing enabling banks to generate new revenue streams.

PelicanSWIFT is a fully integrated, secure and reliable centralised SWIFT messaging platform, for both FIN and FileAct, that automates the routing, transformation, repair and workflow for financial messages. PelicanSWIFT meets ISO 20022 standards to achieve end-to-end STP and has the capability to reduce processing costs to an absolute minimum.

Sanctions Compliance Solutions

PelicanOFAC is an intelligent and flexible enterprise sanctions filtering solution for banks and corporates. The platform uses fuzzy logic, based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques, to accurately understand and screen transactions against any sanctions list.
PelicanOFAC is comprehensive, supporting all sanctions lists and all types of formats to be filtered, even free text. Pelican OFAC effectively reads messages like a person, understands context and provides explanations for all positive and negative decisions.

The flexible and configurable workflow engine supports enterprise deployment, which reduces operational risk, while the rules engine allows users to adjust the screening parameters to greatly reduce 'false positives'.

Corporate Solutions

PelicanPay enables corporates operating in a multi-bank, multi-ERP environment to simplify, automate and control all payments and reporting through a single channel. PelicanPay is SWIFT and SEPA compliant, and can be accessed as a hosted service with no capital out lay.

PelicanPay delivers efficiencies and cost savings while providing end-to-end visibility of cash positions and payment flows in any format, with configurable dashboards and analytics.
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