14 April 2024

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53 St. George's Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 4EA, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8947 7200
Telephone: +01 732 603 4997
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Telephone: +9122 28292337

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Pelican provides banks and corporates with solutions that enhance, streamline and secure the payments life-cycle. With over twenty years of expertise in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence technology to payments and compliance, Pelican delivers outstanding efficiency benefits and cost savings to its customers in over 55 countries. To date, Pelican has processed more than one billion transactions worth over US$5 trillion. Pelican is a global company with offices in New York, London, Dubai and Mumbai.

Products and services

Intelligent Payments Management service Pelican provides a comprehensive Intelligent Payments Management service across the complete payments life-cycle. Through the practical application of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pelican helps customers around the globe improve efficiency, reduce costs, ensure compliance and enhance services.

Alongside the unrivalled expertise in transaction banking and payments compliance accrued over more than 20 years, Pelican technology is uniquely able to process and protect every payment with precision and understanding, applying the most advanced intelligent 'human-like' reasoning to every transaction.
Platform The Pelican Platform is a fully automated, agile and scalable platform for secure global financial transactions management that meets the needs of both banks and corporates. It is robust and uses innovative and flexible components to streamline, automate and control all elements of the payments process, end-to-end, from corporates to banks and with all payment networks - and back again.

Pelican products create efficiency in transaction management, providing the benefits of operational control, cash visibility, and reduced cost of ownership, along with support for all internal and regulatory compliance requirements.
PelicanPayments PelicanPayments is a multi-bank, multi-ERP environment to simplify, automate and control all payments and reporting through a single channel. PelicanPayment is SWIFT and SEPA compliant, and can be accessed as a hosted service with no capital outlay. PelicanPayments delivers efficiencies and cost savings while providing end-to-end visibility of cash positions and payment flows in any format, with configurable dashboards and analytics. PelicanSecure The PelicanSecure is a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions including advanced fraud prevention, AML and sanctions screening services, available separately or combined. The intelligent and flexible enterprise sanctions filtering solution for banks and corporates utilises Natural Language Processing techniques to accurately understand and screen transactions against any sanctions list. The comprehensive compliance capabilities support all sanctions lists and all types of formats to be filtered, even free text.

The fraud-prevention module is a market-leading solution with the ability to understand highly complex patterns of behaviour and to detect - and prevent - subtle anomalies that are indicative of payments fraud. The flexible and configurable PelicanSecure engine supports enterprise deployment, which reduces operational risk, while the rules engine allows users to adjust the screening parameters to greatly reduce false positives rates.
PelicanFast PelicanFast is an innovative and combined real-time payments processing and compliance solution, enabling organisations to make and receive real-time payments internationally. Legacy systems designed for end-of-day batch processing can struggle to adapt to the demands of today's 24/7 anywhere, anytime, instant payment expectations. PelicanFast's modular architecture delivers the services consumers and businesses expect - complete payment and compliance solutions in real-time. Available as a combined and comprehensive real-time platform, the payments and compliance modular solutions are also available separately.

All Pelican solutions can be deployed on premise or provided as a secure cloud service.
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