02 March 2024

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Bederstrasse 1, P.O. Box, CH-8027, Zürich, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)44 388 5959

Company information

IRIS integrated risk management ag is a leading provider of system solutions for risk and profitability management.

The company was founded in 1992 by Dr. Willi Brammertz and Dr. Jürg B. Winter in Zurich. Their vision was to develop a modular integrated financial analysis infrastructure based on a single contract data mode and calculation engine for financial institutions. This resulted in the development of the riskpro analysis infrastructure.

Riskpro is currently being used or implemented by over 200 financial organizations in 15 countries using approximately 700 modules of the analysis infrastructure. They range from small banks to very large organizations and processing centers.

Since 2001 IRIS cooperates in the areas of selling, implementation and local support with established third parties. Among them are Accenture, Atos Origin, Bazy i Systemy Bankowe (Poland), d-fine, Ernst & Young, Intracom S.A., NCR Teradata Financial Services, TATA Consultancy Services.

Products and services

Operational Risk OpRisk Suite from RCS AG, Zurich, is a web-based solution for operational risk manage­ment and integrates several modules for the collection of losses, risk self assessment, action tracking, monitoring of key risk indicators, fully integrated reporting and quantification within one comprehensive system. Brochure: » riskproOverview_E2.pdf 774.9 kb (PDF File) Market Risk Analysis, Asset & Liability Management Value and exposure analysis for all types of methods (fair value, nominal, NPV, observed value, amortized cost, various discounting methods, etc.), duration, key rate duration, sensitivity measures, various types of gap analysis, price and volatility shift and VaR (parametric, historical simulation, Monte Carlo). Credit Risk Analysis Current and potential future exposure – both on a "what if" basis or using Monte Carlo techniques, Credit Loss, Credit VaR, including full Basel II functionality. The expected loss module simulates and calculates the effects of rating evolution, defaults and recovery dynamically. Liquidity Risk Analysis Liquidity analysis according to user defined scenarios and strategies consistent with market and credit risk analysis, as based on individual contract data. Capital Allocation, Limits, Performance Analysis based on an "intelligent" historisation allowing the daily storage of all results at the single contract level in the riskpro global analysis database (GADB) for limits, capital allocation and performance analysis. Includes also fund transfer pricing functionality supporting nominal and NPV views. SEM, Dynamic Simulation, Planning Market scenarios, business strategies and client behaviour parameters are used in combination with a broad functions library. For strategic enterprise management analysis, data on costs, operation loss, etc. can be imported from cost analysis systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc. Regulatory reporting, Basel II Market risk (BIS96) and credit risk reporting for Basel II. The latter covers the Standardised, Internal Rating-Based (IRB) Foundation and Advanced approaches. The underlying calculations are parameter driven to allow the user to implement the national regulatory adjustments on their own. IFRS/IAS 39, Special Accounting IFRS/IAS 39 and 32 requirements are covered through the consistent fair value estimation and amortized cost, hedge accounting and optimization, etc., as well as the ability to generate corresponding entries for the general ledger.
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