18 February 2020

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New Broad Street House, 35 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1NH, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 29 20 402 200

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peterevans is a leading independent provider of front to back office solutions for the financial services sector. Clearly focused on the securities and investment market, and building on over 24 years experience of providing award winning solutions to this sector, peterevans presents a sophisticated boutique approach in a homogenised market place. With xanite our new suite of applications we can help ensure that you deliver extraordinary products and services to your customers.

The peterevans xanite suite offers a configurable, fully integrated, browser based, comprehensive front to back solution that can be either deployed as a single application or integrated as components into your existing platform.

xanite has been designed for today's market, and provides Multi-entity, Multi- currency, and Multi-language support. User access to the system is configurable allowing each user's experience of the system to be tailored to suit their specific needs. Each of the xanite modules can de delivered via an ASP or self-hosted. The xanite suite of products supports the following business areas:

wealth management
corporate actions
clearing and settlement
private client and on-line stock broking

peterevans gives full but controlled access to clients, portfolio, fund and relationship managers, brokers, middle and back office staff - on line anywhere and everywhere.

Products and services

peterevans xanite xanite is a multi currency, multi entity, web based solution offering all types of security and investment companies a unique, flexible and functionally rich platform to allow their business to keep ahead of the market trends.

peterevans xanite

xanite WMS

Wealth Management System

Our WMS is a highly effective solution for all your client requirements. The xanite web workbench can be tailored for portfolio managers and their customers, giving access to a vast array of relevant information and complete control of their investments. Clients can value and model their portfolios, simulate the tax effects and measure their performance. Portfolio managers can use all these tools but for discretionary management they can take this up to an industrial level, rebalancing large numbers of portfolios to the agreed asset strategy, generating bulk orders to the market.
xanite CA Corporate Actions

CA reduces the inherent risk of corporate action processing by introducing automated data capture, STP workflow management and complete entitlement settlement. This means that even the most complicated events can be managed in a very easy manner. All events can be administered via our on line diary ensuring no deadlines are missed. This also helps to power a web interface direct to your clients informing them of any options available to them and allowing them to make their own elections. Multiple feeds, matching ISO standard, can be handled helping to ensure your investment is future proof.
xanite CS Custody Services

CS provides a full nominee accounting system specific to custody operations. Including processing for both dematerialised and certificated securities, including full vault control, cash management, reconciliation and settlement. Linking to the outside world through industry standard SWIFT & CREST (Euroclear) messaging it provides you with the confidence to offer a comprehensive solution for your custody services.
xanite PCS Private Client Stockbroking

PCS offers a web based solution for all time-honoured investment management companies. Allowing stockbrokers, fund managers and asset managers the ability to execute all types of transactions, providing management, tracking and settlement, plus a complete client and compliance reporting suite. This provides you with a single point of access for your entire business ensuring that only relevant information is used to help you make correct investment decisions for you and your clients.
xanite OSB On-line execution only Stockbroking

OSB is an all-embracing answer to the needs of the new breed of companies offering self managed investment where large volumes of small trades need to be executed. Today peterevans supports institutions which handle around 20% of the retail trades on the London Stock Exchange, proving the effectiveness of this solution.
xanite SP Euroclear Single Platfom

SP will bring security and peace of mind to your programme to migrate Euroclear back office links through the Single Platform Harmonisation project and beyond. It is suitable for all types of participants, including Brokers, Custodians and Payment Banks

The Euroclear Single Platform Programme will bring together 4 Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) including EUI (CREST) together with Euroclear Bank (EB) onto a Single Platform which will be accessed via a Common Communications Interface (CCI).

Single Platform requires all participants to migrate from proprietary formats to ISO standard messages, namely ISO 15022 and XML based ISO20022. During the migration period which is expected to last until 2011, participants will be required to support both legacy (DEX) and the new ISO formats concurrently.

xanite SP will provide a single consistent and secure interface to both EUI and EB via either of the Secured Messaging Services Providers and is based on our established and highly regarded CREST platform coupled with our extensive experience supplying ISO compliant systems.
xanite ME The xanite Margin Engine has been built to address the margin exposure for both house and client accounts. Using our algorithm based on ERA algorithm, peterevans has witnessed much success working with General Clearing Members and Individual Clearing Members to greatly reduce their risk exposure with their clients and assist with counterparty risk exposure. The xanite Margin Engine calculates both initial margin and variation margins which have been calculated by the Central Counterparty to the General and Individual Clearing members. The application then takes the overall margining to the next level down, therefore allowing the Clearing member to have greater control of risk with their clients.

Designed for flexibility and scalability was the fundamental success for xanite ME. The product can be taken as a standalone either as an enterprise solution or the more popular SaaS service and fully hosted. The service can be fully automated or non automated depending on the specific user requirements. The main features include:
- Price retrieval and parameter data from the CCP
- The importing of net open positions
- Retrieval of CCP margin figures
- Margin reconciliation
- Reporting of individual non clearing members margin calculations

xanite ME can also provide a user interface which allows the ability to display, print or export margin reports. Users can group accounts together into user-defined groupings if required.
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